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Full Frame
フルフレーム (Furu Furēmu)
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Full Frame is a Card Frame where the illustrations are drawn on the entire card.


Some of these cards that have received foil processing are known as Full Frame Foils.

The first cards that appeared with this treatment were Ballom, Master of Death and Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits which were awarded from visiting the 2008 event of the "Duel Masters Sengoku Musou Kai" which were also foil.

In booster packs, this was seen on;

These cards are printed with a full frame regardless of the presence or absence of foil, appearing at various different rarities. Dragon Saga displayed this with the exclusive cards in the Starter Deck Theme Decks, with the Revolution block using them for spells based on creatures from the protagonists in the [Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final anime

Psychic Creatures (including Psychic Super) still slightly displayed the color part of the frame if closely examined. were the only floating part of the frame. The frame

On the older card frame the Card Name and Race section were floating. The card frame differs based on the card type. In the newer frame, this section was removed with the card type box written directly onto the Full Frame illustration.