Full Creature
フルクリーチャー (Furu Kurīchā)
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Full Creature is a specification for decks that consists of a heavy amount of creatures (usually the entire deck).


Unlike a deck based on only spells (with limited win conditions), creating a deck full of psychic creatures is often easy.

Due to the basic rules of how a Duel Masters game is played, the basic tactics involve using creature to attack your opponent, break shields and then directly attack as the main victory condition.

However without spells to support your creatures, the stability of your deck will go down. While cards such as Faerie Life or Energy Stream can seem slow or initially low impact, they allow you to gain advantage for later turns. This type of full creature deck also can't use the flexibility of creature options from Hyperspatial spells.


There are various cards that support or are strengthened by consistency of a deck filled with creatures. This includes Supernova Bigbang Anastasis, Cyber G Hogan, Domitius, Evil Emperor of Five Dragonskind or the Deck evolution keyword while requires creatures from the top of your deck to work. In a deck only utilizing creatures, these abilities are guaranteed to trigger without accidents.

It is not affected by anti-meta cards that affect spells. This can also allow you to disrupt your opponent with those form of cards yourself, with little or no disadvantages to yourself with cards such as Fuuma Gorgonshack or Gaiacrush Crawler.

Even if you choose to use a deck based on Volg Thunder or Transmogrify, the number of creatures in your deck doesn't need to be reduced much.


The available card pool of usable cards is reduced. As Hyperspatial Spells aren't used, playing Psychic Creatures can prove difficult.

Mana Acceleration purposes are slightly limited as Faerie Life can't be used. However, there are various creature based Come Into Play abilities that can be used (include Jasmine, Mist Faerie, Bronze-Arm Tribe and Johnny Walker, Exploding Mask or Analith, Cyber Armor).

By filling the battle zone with creatures in the early turns can leave yourself vulnerable to your opponents Father Earth.

Cards such as 5000GT, Riot or Alphadios, Lord of Spirits can be used against you, preventing your summons. This also stops you from using any Shield Trigger creatures or the Strike Back ability.


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