Fua Duelist
(Fua De~yuerisuto)
ザ ガルド (Za Garudo)
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Fua Duelists (also known as The Guard) are an organization of duelists formed by Zakira in order to obtain the power of the Great Spirit of Duel Masters.


Actions and World Under Chaos

They were featured in Duel Masters Charge, Duel Masters Cross and Duel Masters Cross Shock seasons of the Duel Masters Anime.

Fua Duelists have a total of 26 members which are named in Alphabetical order. Each member is ranked in strength in descending order from Z to A. This means that Zakira (Z) is the strongest member, while Ash (A) is considered to be the weakest.

Zakira first took down an organization called Chimeras because they were the followers of Darkness Civilization and they could later become a potential danger for him. So he killed their leader Kimera and left Kokujo all alone. He used one of his members, Vavelle to infiltrate the organization and tell him their weakness which Kokujo, the youngest member of the Chimera group had sworn to try and protect. However, Kokujo killed Vavelle after a Kaijudo duel.

Zakira then went to the Duel Masters Colosseum where he stole the power from Yaesar who was the previous guardian of the Great Spirit of Duel Masters but Zakira soon lost this power against Shori Kirifuda in the Great Kaijudo Duel Masters Tournament. The power of the Duel Masters got distributed into 7 different cards called the Awakening Cards. He then began to look for these cards, finding out that the Awakening cards can only be used by a specific few people. Zakira found out that Hakuoh was one of these people so he kidnapped and brainwashed him with the help of his other members. Through a ritual, he gave him a second personality and made him believe that he is White, and marking him as "W" in the organization.

Their home base is known as Fua Castle which converts into a fortress by the power of the Awakening Cards. They have also built a device called the Judgement Table that can bring down upon the ultimate destruction in the form of Judgement Ball.

Fua Duelists were able to obtain Bolberg Cross Dragon, Alphadios, Lord of Spirits, Elupheus, Lord of Spirits, Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity as well as Dual Shock Dragon which was able to transformed the castle into a flying disc-shaped fortress.


The Guard was an organization of Duelists who were former followers of Zeus. However, Zeus was defeated by Zakira in a battle, and the Guards all chose to follow Zakira instead of Zeus, who later became the Master of the Temple. Zakira feigned subservience to Yaesar, but was secretly planning an operation to destroy all duelists, eventually killing many of them in the first world tournament, with Shori Kirifuda failing to stop them. Since then, they stole all seven of Yaesar's Duel Masters Proofs, sent spies to kill those who became Duel Masters and their families and committed other forms of atrocities for Zakira. It's implied that Zakira also brainwashed Yaesar and converted him into Yesman, the Y member of the group and his right-hand.[1] In Charge, the Guard temporarily called themselves "Fua Duelists".

When the group became stronger, they gathered Awakening Cards. With their powers returning, they called themselves "the Guard" once more.

Members of the Guard cannot be hurt in any way other than via a Duel, and if they suffer from wounds, the wounds will regenerate themselves over time. They were also responsible for capturing Hakuoh, converting him into the W member of the group, named White. While they do follow principles of friendship, those who display incompetence will suffer from serious punishment or even expulsion.


In Shobu's final saga, it was revealed that their powers and their ship came from Adam. Adam removed all of the Fua Duelist's powers upon his wrath, and all of the lower members of the Fua Duelists were massacred by the fake Xanadu and her clones as a result, while Zakira and Ash were killed by Adam himself.


However, the remnants of the Fua Duelists still remains. 10 years after Shobu's final battle for the future, Basara visits the ruins of the destroyed Adam's tower to find a way to unlock Forbidden's true power. He eventually encounters an image of Zakira and duels him in a True Duel to determine his worthiness. Basara obtains Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden and the ruins collapses even further, with Zakira's image completely faded from the world. Eventually, Katta Kirifuda, Shobu's younger brother indirectly ended the wicked legacy of the Fua Duelists by destroying Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon in a similar battle of fate.

Members of the Fua Duelists

Duel Masters Charge

Letter: Name: Japanese Name:
A Ash アッシュ
B Bura ブラー
C Chappi チャッピー
D Delicious デリシャス
E El Rio エルリオ
F Force フォース
G Gedo ゲドー
H Hendrix ヘンドリクス
I Imelda イメルダ
J Jason ジェイソン
K Kirumi キルミー
L Love ラブ
M Manson Dr.マンソン
N Never ネバー
O Oasis オアシス
P Perfect パーフェクト
Q Quattro クアトロ

After the Revolution (After-R)
Within the 26 Fua Duelists from A-Z, there lies a group of duelists that protect Zakira whose talent far surpasses any other. These duelists are strong enough to send the world into complete disarray. These Fua Duelists appeared in the Duel Masters Cross season.

Letter: Name: Japanese Name:
R Rich リッチ
S Shizuka シズカ
T Thoth トト
U Yuu ユウ
V Vavelle バベル
W White ホワイト
X Xanadu キサナドゥ
Y Yesman イエスマン
Z Zakira 不亞・ザキラ


  • The Fua Duelists might be the strongest and the most dangerous criminal organization in Duel Masters history due to its massive size, complicated and ordered organization, and extremely dangerous and intelligent personalities from the top to bottom, even when it comes to the lowest ranking kids of the group.
  • The Fua Duelists were incredibly diverse ethnically, with its members hailing from 15 different countries.
    • Interestingly, the only Fua Duelists who are explicitly stated of Japanese origin are Quattro and White.
    • Perfect and Xanadu were the only Fua Duelists whose nationality was unknown. In the case of the latter, it might be due to her being an impersonation by one of Adam's minions instead of Zakira's own men.
    • Out of the 26 duelists, 10 (Ash, Gedo, Jason, Kirumi, Never, Oasis, Rich, Shizuka, Yesman and Zakira himself) originated from Europe.


  1. Unlike in the Anime, Yesman was never explicitly stated to be Yaesar in the Manga. However, in a supplement article of Star Cross, Yaesar can be seen holding Yesman's helmet, implying that just like in the Anime, Zakira brainwashed Yaesar and converted him into Yesman.
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