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Frost Specter, Shadow of Age
Frost Specter, Shadow of Age
Civilization: Darkness Darkness
Card Type: Evolution Creature Evolution icon
Mana Cost: 3
Race: Ghost
English Text:

Evolution—Put on one of your Ghosts.

■ Each of your Ghosts in the battle zone has "slayer." (Whenever a creature that has "slayer" battles, destroy the other creature after the battle.)

Japanese Text:

■ 進化-自分のゴースト1体の上に置く。

■ バトルゾーンにある自分のゴーストはすべて「スレイヤー」を得る。(「スレイヤー」を得たクリーチャーがバトルする時、バトルの後、相手クリーチャーを破壊する)

Power: 5000
Flavor Text: "The young get older. The old get older. And everyone forgets my birthday." (DM-06)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator: Ittoku
Other Card Information: