Four Gods
4体神 (4-Tai Kami)
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Four Gods is a term mentioned on Macbeth, King of the Gods.


It refers to a state of 4 Gods linked together to form a single creature (as the "King of the Gods").

  • The ability of Adge, Emperor of the Gods and Suva, Emperor of the Gods is also conditional that they become a 4-part god, but it is only noted on Macbeth.
  • Even if you use the God Nova creature; Humanity, Nameless God, you can meet the condition of "four gods". However, if you further link the creature to become a 5-part god, it won't trigger the effect again. It also doesn't trigger if it decreases from a 5-part God down to a 4-part God.
  • The "5 Element Gods" (5-part, potentially up to 25) as well as the "Original Gods" (6-part) are also not considered to be a "4 God".
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