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フォートレス (Fōtoresu)
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Fortress is a card type.


Like a creature, it can exist in the battle zone. The card type frame has a cannon-like shape. The card itself is designed to be positioned in the battle zone sideways.

As it is a newer released card type, it can be harder to remove from the battle zone. It can only be removed with card specific removal such as Lance of Tonginus.

Currently, it only exists as Dragheart Fortress.

Non-Dragheart fortresses were originally intended for the end of the Dragon Saga block according to Card Gamer Volume 27, but this was changed for timeline purposes. This was later adapted into D2 Fields.

It is not subject to the ability of a card such as Magnum, Allshot Puppet.


Cards supported by Fortresses

Supported Card: Card Effect:
Fortrezaurus, Fortresskind ■ For each of your Fortresses in the battle zone, this creature gets +4000 power and breaks an additional shield.