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Forbidden Impulse
禁断きんだん鼓動こどう (Kindan no Kodō)
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Forbidden Impulse is a Forbidden impulse card type.


This card type was released in DMR-19 Forbidden Dokindam X.

A Forbidden Impulse is a Double Sided Card. It is either put into the battle zone at the start of the game or is included as one of the five cards in your hand (with the exception of Forbidden ~The Released X~).

When they are put into the battle zone, a specific number of seals are put around the corners of the card.

2 Forbidden ~The Released X~
Fire Fire.png / Forbidden Impulse

■ When you put this impulse, put 6 seals on it, then draw a card.
■ This impulse can't leave the battle zone.
■ Forbidden Liberate: When this impulse has no seals on it, search your deck. You may put a creature from your deck, mana zone or graveyard. Then shuffle your deck.
(When you seal a card, put the top card of your deck on that card face down. Whenever a Command is put into the battle zone, its owner puts a seal from one of their cards that has the same civilization as that Command into their graveyard. While a creature is sealed, both players ignore that creature.)

While it has seals on it can't attack or do anything, but on stronger cards, the impulse doesn't leave the battle zone. When you put a creature with a command race that has the same civilization as the impulse into the battle zone or use various card removal cards such as Liberation of the End, you put a seal from the Impulse into your graveyard. Once all of the seals on the impulse are removed, it flips to the Forbidden Creature side.

Note that a Forbidden Impulse is counted towards the 40 cards in your deck, so don't accidentally pack one more card in case if you want to pack them in your deck.

List of Forbidden Impulses


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 807. Forbidden Impulse
    • 807.1. Forbidden Impulse have no card back. Each Forbidden Impulse is a double sided card .
      • 807.1a Forbidden Impulses can be released as a table and become a table.
      • 807.1b Every player can see both sides of any Forbidden Impulses in any zone.
    • 807.3. If spells, abilities, effects, or rules require prohibited information, If you are in, please refer to only the information given by the side of the table at the time of applying it. that is If you are in a zone other than the battle zone, you can treat either as a surface.
    • 807.4. Forbidden Impulsess are put in a zone specified by the card at the start of the game.
    • 807.5. If the player designates one card name due to some effect, that player is prohibited You can specify the card name on either side of the disconnection, but not both.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 807. 禁断の鼓動
    • 807.1. 禁断の鼓動とは, デュエル・マスターズのカードの裏面があるのではなく, 両方にデュエル・マスターズのカードの表面があるカードです.禁断の鼓動のもう一方の面は禁断クリーチャーです.禁断の鼓動は, 禁断クリーチャーの面に変える能力を持ちます.
      • 807.1a 禁断の鼓動は, 禁断解放して表になることができます.
      • 807.1b 各プレイヤーは禁断の鼓動がどのゾーンにあるときでも, 両方の面を見ることができます.
    • 807.3. 呪文, 能力, 効果, あるいはルールが禁断の情報を必要とする場合, それがバトルゾーンにあれば, それを適用する時点で表になっている面が与える情報のみを参照します.それがバトルゾーン以外のゾーンにあれば, どちらを表面として扱ってもかまいません.
    • 807.4. 禁断の鼓動はゲーム開始時に指定されたゾーンに置かれます.
    • 807.5. 何らかの効果によりプレイヤーがカード名を 1 つ指定する場合, そのプレイヤーは禁断のいずれか一方の面のカード名を指定できますが, 両方は指定できません.