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Flip is a gameplay term for Psychic Creatures as well as the Dragheart Weapon and Dragheart Fortress card types.


Psychic Creatures[]

When the lower costing side of a psychic creature uses their awaken ability, they can flip over to a more powerful side and a higher costing side with a stronger power and ability. They may also have the Psychic Link ability where 2 or 3 psychic creatures can link together and flip over into a Psychic Super Creature.

Some psychic creatures have an ability called Release on their higher costing side where it allows them to flip back over to the lower side instead of being removed from the battle zone.


A dragheart is a 2 sided card, often with a Dragheart Weapon or Fortress side, as well as a Dragheart Creature side. Sometimes it features all 3 sides (Weapon > Fortress > Creature).

Dragheart Weapons:

  • When the dragheart weapon side uses their "Dragsolution" ability, they can flip over to their other side.

Dragheart Fortresses:

  • When the dragheart fortress side uses their "Dragsolution" ability, they can flip over to their other side. Some Fortresses have Dragon Evade that returns them from their creature side back to their fortress side once they leave the battle zone.

Forbidden Impulses[]

A Forbidden Impulse card can be flipped over when each of the seals previously placed on it are removed, turning it into a Forbidden Creature.