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Flavor Text
(Furēbā Tekisuto)
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Flavor Text is the text featured at the bottom of some cards.


It is written in italic text and includes the history of creatures, races, and civilizations, as well as things that happen in the Duel Masters universe and TV series between the civilizations.

Other times this flavor text includes jokes. The content of the flavor text is just for fun and does NOT affect game-play at all.


  • In later TCG expansions, flavor text usually contains American-style jokes, even on cards that do not have flavor text on them.
  • Certain races, such as early Initiates and members of the Gekko Kingdom have unique flavor text patterns. In the case of the Initiates, the flavor text is often shared with both English and Japanese languages.
    • Early Initiate texts feature Hanusa, Radiance Elemental summoning them to action.
    • Magic Tools feature text similar to summoning rituals. This only occurs in DMRP-04b.
    • Gekko Kingdom cards contain Poems, which are also similes for certain events.
  • Parlock, Sacred Prayer has the shortest flavor text in the entire game.
  • Early Duel Masters cards, especially Vanilla cards, may not have much text in them, usually being one-liners. In later releases, Vanilla creatures often fill their text boxes with flavor text.
  • 2016 Calendar features a month of a calendar in its text box, while Great Thanks looks like a letter of appreciation.