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Flame Monster
Japanflag フレイム・モンスター
Hachiko, Loyal Sword of Bukkomi artwork
Phonetic: Fureimu Monsutā
Released In: DM-28 Battle Galaxy
Civilization(s): Fire Fire
Race Category: Monster
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Category: Flame Monster

Flame Monster is a race of Monster creature in the Fire Civilization.


Flame Monsters usually having the word "Crimson" (グレン, Guren) in their name, or "Lord" (オー, ō) at the end of it.


The race is named after Flame Agon, God of Flames, a God creature from the DM-27 Perfect Heaven set.

They resemble burning animals.


Flame Monsters don't feature any support cards or evolution creatures

See also: Support for Monster creatures

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