Fixed Removal
確定除去 (Kakutei Jokyo)
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Fixed Removal is a term for Removal cards that remove creatures from the battle zone indiscriminately.


For example, a card such as Terror Pit or Natural Snare doesn't require the creature to fit any specific conditions such as being non-evolution, untapped, or having the "blocker" keyword.

6 Terror Pit
Darkness / Spell

Shield Trigger Shield trigger (When this spell is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may cast it immediately for no cost.)

■ Destroy one of your opponent's creatures.

6 Natural Snare
Nature / Spell

Shield Trigger Shield trigger (When this spell is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may cast it immediately for no cost.)

■ Choose one of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and put it into his mana zone.

While it is primarily found in the Darkness Civilization, which is usually seen as the civilization with the strongest and most removal, Fixed Removal can also be found in the other civilizations in smaller amounts.

Death Gate, Gate of Hell is seen as a powerful card, and often as a versatile replacement for Terror Pit, it can't be considered as Fixed Removal due to the untapped requirement.

Many Bounce cards seem like they would be considered as Fixed Removal as some have no targeting requirements, but they are not considered to be due to the fact that the creature is only sent to a players hand and can be replayed. It is however a permanent removal for cards from the Hyperspatial Zone; Psychic Creatures and Dragheart Creatures.

Transmogrify can be seen as a form of Fixed Removal, however it does put a new creature into the battle zone that must still be dealt with.

3 Transmogrify
Water / Spell

Shield Trigger Shield trigger (When this spell is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may cast it immediately for no cost.)

■ You may destroy a creature. If you do, its owner reveals cards from the top of his deck until he reveals a non-evolution creature. He puts that creature into the battle zone and puts the rest of those cards into his graveyard.

List of Fixed Removal cards

 ■ Alan Clemen
 ■ Amitabha Hand
 ■ Asteroid Gellum, Dark Comet
 ■ Babelginus, Demonic Dragon
 ■ Babylon Gelg
 ■ Belfegius, Emperor of Death
 ■ Blade of Mutual Fall
 ■ Boost, Misfortune Demon 33
 ■ Chain of Grief
 ■ Chains of Sacrifice
 ■ Chaos Worm
 ■ Codenight Rice Shower
 ■ Connected Dragonic Poison
 ■ Daftphantoma, Necro Dragon Armored
 ■ Dark Lupia
 ■ Dead Ryusei, Eternal Demon Dragon
 ■ Deadly Love
 ■ Death Arcadia, Devil Saint
 ■ Death Hands, Misfortune Emperor
 ■ Death Metal Punk, Spear Dance
 ■ Deathgoros, Supreme Devil Corrupt King
 ■ Deathshiraz, Devil Corrupt King
 ■ Demon Wolf, Howling Moonlight Castle
 ■ Destolonely, Demon Dragon King
 ■ Destrokill, Tyrant Demon Dragon
 ■ Destrozione, Knowledge Destroyer
 ■ Devil Diabolos Double Zeta, Ultimate Awakened
 ■ Devil Hand
 ■ Dogiragenm, Sobanryu
 ■ Emerald Babel, Lord of Destruction
 ■ Endbringer Dragoon
 ■ Fuuma Aogrun
 ■ Gabriel XENOM, the Reaper King
 ■ Gachack, Mechanical Doll
 ■ Galloween, Super Revenge
 ■ Ganveet Blaster
 ■ Ghoul Ginus, the All-Destroying Fear Lord
 ■ Gigagrax
 ■ Girangira, Demon Dragon King
 ■ Gurudo 54, Dragon Armored
 ■ Hazaria, Duke of Thorns
 ■ Hellsekai, Great Massacre
 ■ Infernal Smash
 ■ Jigokushivaku, D2K
 ■ Jogranma, Shimbatsushikou
 ■ Judgment Gate of Revolution
 ■ Jurogumo
 ■ Ki Rujak, Majimajin
 ■ Kill the Borof, Rebellion of K
 ■ Killer the Kill, Demon Dragon King
 ■ Luginus, Dragon Armored Doctor / God Hand of Hell
 ■ Mad Demon Excellency / Demon Hand
 ■ Magic Shot - God Genocider
 ■ Magic Tool from the Darkness
 ■ Mysterious Castle - Potemkin
 ■ Reaper Hand
 ■ Rensatsu no Bangetsu Hand
 ■ Rocken Roll
 ■ Rumble Lecter, Terror Awakened
 ■ Scream, Blood Pit
 ■ Sin Koku Satsu
 ■ Skull Moon, the Enlightened
 ■ Skullbent Gades
 ■ Super Demon Hand
 ■ Super Hopeless Vortex
 ■ Supernova Pluto Deathbringer
 ■ Terror Pit
 ■ Thunder Blade, Wolf Tiger
 ■ Tyrant: Maximum the Ryokun
 ■ Uragiridamus, Great Demon King
 ■ ZERO Hand
 ■ Zagaan, Knight of Darkness / 「"I'll make this a one sided battle."」
 ■ Zakira, Ultimate Lifeform
 ■ 卍 De Szark 卍

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