Five Color Jolly the Johnny Joe
5c ジョリー (5C Jorī)

5c Jolly the Johnny Joe is a control combo deck type.


It uses Shield Triggers to punish the opponent for attacking, removal spells to remove the opponent's creatures and uses Multicolored Mana Arms strategies to ramp mana, ending up in sending out Jolly the Johnny Joe to win the game instantly if the opponent has no creatures.

It has a multitude of control options and can generate huge amounts of mana thanks to Ruins of the Lion King and Wild Safari Channel, D of Great Revolution, and can easily suppress rush using its vast amounts of shield triggers and Saizoumist, Dolge. It also doesn't use much creatures, making board control effectively pointless. It is also effective against decks that don't use much creatures, and is even an effective counter against itself.

However, the loss of the ability to pack multiple Demon Wolf, Betrayal Moonlight Castle hurts its early game, making it difficult to control the opponent's hand advantage without replacements such as Lost Soul. Additionally, Anti-Ramps such as Ga Ryuzark and DG ~Time of Judgment~ cripple it, and it is extremely susceptible to spell meta such as Sido, Time 3 and Rafululu, Sound Faerie due to its reliance of spells, and also weak to Mana Burn due to its reliance on the contents of one's mana zone. This makes the rare Hibiki, Explosive Mirror a natural enemy against this deck. Furhtermore, due to Jolly's nature, decks without Dokindam Apocalypse will have a hard time against creatures that cannot leave the battle zone, such as Geotajio, Dragon Armored and Lionel, Lion Zenith Dragon. Finally, due to relying on a Wild Safari Channel time lag, it is weak to D2 Field removal.

Core Cards

Card Name: Reasons:
Jolly the Johnny Joe Core finisher, guarantees victory when the opponent has no creatures in battle zone.
Wild Safari Channel, D of Great Revolution Turns the player's multicolored mana into double mana.
Cyberdice Vegas, Gambling Expert of D Draw + Punishes opponents from attacking.
VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura" Anti-Dragon/Commands, mass removal.
Ruins of the Lion King Massive Mana Acceleration with so many Multicolored cards.


Card Name: Reasons:
Team Tech's Wave Go! Mass weenie removal, fixed removal and draws out opposing Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden to kill them.
Miraculous Plague Hall of Fame super effective removal.
Hyperspatial Green White Hole Shield Manipulation and mana recovery, effective defense with Prin Prin, the Victorious.
Team Doremi's Light Spirit Go! Casts non-shield trigger cards from hand + Draw.
Hyperspatial Guard Hole Removal + Psychics.
Hyperspatial Faerie Hole Mana Acceleration + Psychics.
Intense Vacuuming Twist Search + Removal.
Faerie Shower Basic Mana Accel and hand replenish for multicolored decks.
Demon Wolf, Betrayal Moonlight Castle Multicolored mana arms mass discard.
Persistent Prison of Gaia Bounce + Possible Anti-Zenith.
Dark Life Early Mana Accel.
Fortification Against Barrage and Ambush Mass Removal along with Forever Princess, Eternal Ruler.
Mystery Captain Fleet Cheap mass removal.
Blue Dragon Earth Bring out Dokindam Apocalypse during opponent's turn, allowing the player to win with Jolly easily.
Team Hamukatsu's Explosion Go! Mass Weenie Removal or removes opposing D2 Fields/Draghearts/Fatties.
Eternal Bolbaledge Gives an extra turn after Wild Safari.


Card Name: Reasons:
Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard Hall of Fame Mana Acceleration.
Bolbalzak Ex Mass Mana Untap.
Wachagona, Muen Zangu Brings D2 Fields from mana.
Dokindam Apocalypse Anti-invincible creatures like Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality. Allows instant kill with Jolly the Johnny joe.
Forever Princess, Eternal Ruler Stops Volg Thunders.
Miracle Star, Time Caster Anti Discard.
Prometheus, Splash Axe Boost and Recovery.
Kernel, Blue Stagnation Dragon Elemental Shield Trigger defense and Revolution Change bait.
Radio Roses, Zenith of "Wisdom" Mass Draw + Discard.
Bell Hell De Skull, Moon Reaper Shield Trigger Mana Zone and Graveyard Recovery.
Puchohenza, Mia Moja Anti-Rush
The=Deadbrachio, World Evil Dragonkind Defense + Anti Dragheart
Top of Romanesk Unrestricted alternative to Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard.
King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia Anti-Rush and Monocolored Strategies.
Bell Hell De Skull, Moon Reaper Recover mana or discarded cards.
Quattro Fang, Soul Gang Leader
Geo the Man, Earth Titan
Prin Prin, the Victorious
Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious
Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious
Black Ganveet, Temporal Soldier
Volg Thunder
Psychic additions.

Template Build

5c Jolly 3

Example of a Five Color Jolly the Johnny Joe deck.

# Card:
3 Jolly the Johnny Joe
4 Ruins of the Lion King
3 Wild Safari Channel, D of Great Revolution
2 Wachagona, Muen Zangu
3 Team Tech's Wave Go!
3 Team Hamukatsu's Explosion Go!
3 Saizoumist, Dolge
4 Mystery Captain Fleet
2 Miracle Star, Time Caster
1 Hyperspatial Faerie Hole
3 Prometheus, Splash Axe
2 Dokindam Apocalypse
1 Eternal Bolbaledge
1 Bell Hell De Skull, Moon Reaper
1 Hyperspatial Green White Hole
1 VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura"
1 Lost Soul
1 Bolbalzak Ex

Hyperspatial Zone

# Card:
4 Prin Prin, the Victorious
2 Silver Volg
1 Gaga Packun, Io Enforcer
1 Intense Sumo! Thrust Wrestler
1 Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious
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