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Five Color Jackpot Entry

Five Color Jackpot Entry is a 5-color deck type.


It is a variation of Five Color Faerie Miracle with Jackpot Entry, Dragon Secret Formation to spam Nicol Bolas early on for strong control.

Recommended cards

Main Cards

Card Name: Reasons:
Jackpot Entry, Dragon Secret Formation Spam cost 8 or less Dragons.
Faerie Miracle 5 Civilization favored Mana Acceleration.
Nicol Bolas Strong discard, fixed removal, can get around color screws.
The=Deadbrachio, World Evil Dragonkind Super Strike Back defense.

Candidate cards

Monocolored cost 8 or less Dragons

Card Name: Reasons:
Sr Spellcyclica, Dragment Symbol Recast Jackpot Entry.
Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal Madness, tap-in, gives speed attacker.
Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility Avoid losing the game, strong shield burn.
Mega Magma Dragon Firepower, rush measures.
Digurupion, Earth Snake Early mana accel.
Sasoris Rage, Terror Dragon Edge Heavyweight Nature Draguner.
Heaven's Rosia, True Dragon Edge Heavyweight Light Draguner.
Ultra Star, Revolution Holy Dragon Hand replenishment, Revolution 2, trigger The=Deadbrachio.
Dark Masters, Demon Dragon Strong discard, Nicol Bolas repair.
Babelginus, Demonic Dragon Strong reanimation.
Kanashimidomino, Destruction Demon Dragon Continuous power reduction.

Multicolored cost 8 or less Dragons

Card Name: Reasons:
Puchohenza, Mia Moja Mass removal via Revolution Change, tap in.
Wachagona, Muen Zangu D2 Field support.
Bolmeteus Black Dragon Fixed removal and shield burn.
Bolmeteus Blue Flame Dragon Unblockable shield burning double breaker.
Codeking Khachaturian Fixed removal, can spam creatures from the graveyard or mana zone.
Destinia, Crystal Evil Dragon Multicolored Mana Arms hand reset and possible creature spam.
Bolbalzak Ex Hall of Fame mana untap.
King Bolbalzak Conditional extra turn granter.
Forever Princess, Eternal Ruler Deckout measures.
Final Dogiragolden Mana feed removal and possible Forbidden removal.
Meteorite Ryusei the Flash Tap all and grants speed attacker.
Miracle Star, Heaven Revolutionary Knight Emperor Cast the opponent's spells from the shields.
Kernel, Blue Stagnation Dragon Elemental Shield trigger defense.
Top of Romanesk Mana acceleration blocker.
Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard Hall of Fame powerful mana acceleration.
Funk Clap Rhapsody of Hope Hunter and Alien support.
Miracle Star, Time Caster
Ryusei the Earth
Anti discard.


Card Name: Reasons:
Mendelssohn Strong early mana acceleration.
Faerie Trap Shield trigger mana acceleration or removal.
Faerie Shower Hand advantage and progress to Jackpot Entry.
Intense Vacuuming Twist Search and bounce.
Hogan Blaster
Mystery Cube
Hall of Fame cost trampling spells.
Blue Dragon Earth Spam creatures from the mana zone, conditional force battle.

Hyperspatial Additions

Card Name: Reasons:
D'Arc-en-Ciel, Holy Spear Dragon Elemental Bring it out directly via Heaven's Rosia.
Whitey, Dragon Soul Church Freeze an opponent's creature.
Reddull, Dragon Soul Castle Speed attacker granter.
Batorai Edge, Blazing Sword Dragon spam.
Jurapil, Egg Hammer Boost mana on attack.
Judaina, Jurassic Hammer Summon Dragons from the mana zone.
Endless Heaven, True Holy Church Strong defense.
Judaiou, Jurassic Jungle Stall the opponent's attacks.
Niga=Abushumu, Invasive Mystery Recover Dragons for Dragsolution.
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