This deck can no longer be used in the metagame due to Hall of Fame restrictions.

Five Color Dogiragon Buster
5色ドギラゴン剣 (Go-Iro Dogiragon Ken)
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Five Color Dogiragon Buster is a 5-color One Shot decktype.


After the release of Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader in DMR-21, it had appeared in many top meta decks such as Dogiragon Buster 3 turn kill and Darkness Fire Dogiragon Buster. This deck combines the strategies of those previous decks with those of Five Color Faerie Miracle.

8 Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader
Fire / Nature / Creature
Mega Command Dragon / Revolutionary / Team Hamukatsu


(This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.)

■ Revolution Change—Fire or Nature dragon that costs 5 or more (When one of your fire or nature dragons that costs 5 or more attack, you may switch that creature with this creature from your hand.)

■ Each of your multicolored creatures gets "speed attacker".

■ Triple breaker

■ Final Revolution—If you put this creature into the battle zone through "Revolution Change" and you didn't use "Final Revolution" during this turn, put any number of non-evolution multicolored creatures from your hand or mana zone that have total cost 6 or less into the battle zone.

It is a type of Dogiragon Buster deck that evolved due to the appearance of the strong triggers such as Holy, Flash Guardian and the impossibly difficult to counter Giovanni Squall. Due to Multicolored Mana Arms tactics, it can defend itself more reliably and can lock down the opponent's defenses using Magnum, Shortshot and Rafululu, Sound Faerie. However, it is slower than the regular Darkness Fire Dogiragon Buster so it can be rushed easily. As it has very few mass graving methods other than Strike Back, Dark Life and Seals, a perfect one shot with Linnevenus, M Demon Dragon can be hard.

During a time where Giovanni Squall decks are frequent, it used Yell Life to remove Giovanni the 10th, Thunder Mecha King and Oriotis, Control Wings early on and restore mana.

Due to the restrictions of Evil Heat, Screaming Demon Dragon the deck was weakened, but not fatally. In fact it is still a reckoning force and has evolved to use Mad Dead Wood, Seductive of D to mass remove enemy swarms and swarm creatures from grave for an undefendable 1 shot.

It is the only Dogiragon Buster deck type that has remained in the Meta after the January restrictions, although being in the lower tiers after that.

However, recently due to the mass hand replenish and graving given by Aquan Mercator, it has been returned to the metagame with its increased graving and hand replenish powers. Mercator can also revolution change into Rafululu, Sound Faerie, indicating less graving reliance for Linnevenus as if the player has a Linnevenus, a Magnum and a Mercator in the battle zone he can do a perfect one shot on the opponent easily.

  • Advantages: As the one shot often uses the infamous "Rafululu Shortshot" combo, it can render most defenses useless provided the opponent has an empty battle zone. The Shield triggers used can also easily deal with anti for no cost meta such as Onikamas, Strange Flow and Oriotis, Control Wings. As the deck uses The=Deadbrachio, World Evil Dragonkind for defense, it is a good matchup against Dragheart decks and Deadbrachio can be used for Revolution Change. Strike Back can also be used to drop Shortshots and Rafululu into grave as well. Recently Aquan Mercator allows graving more easily and also gives good hand replenish.
  • Disadvantages: As Linnevenus needs the grave to trigger, if the grave does not have any needed finisher parts, it cannot finish the game safely. Further compounding this is the poor graving methods used in this type of decks; There is no way to grave from hand save for letting the opponent kill your creatures and it is entirely dependent on seals from Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden for graving as well as the graving provided from the deck. If the player takes too much time or plays poorly, he can get his Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden removed and this will make him lose the game.

Due to Rafululu and Shortshot both being restricted, the deck has been severely weakened. However, it can run replacements such as Inka, Karma's Curse Crest or Shuff, Eureka or even use other cost 4 cards such as Oblady Hornet to rush without any resistances, although these replacements are not as efficient as Shortshot or Rafululu.

Template Build

5c Buster 2

An Example of a Five Color Dogiragon Buster using Aquan Mercator as Hand addition and Graving.

#: Card Name:
4 Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader
4 Linnevenus, M Demon Dragon
4 Aquan Mercator
4 Dark Life
4 Team Tech's Wave Go!
3 Kernel, Blue Stagnation Dragon Elemental
3 Oblady Hornet /「Let it Bee!」
3 The=Deadbrachio, World Evil Dragonkind
2 Puchohenza, Mia Moja
1 Rafululu, Sound Faerie
1 Shuff, Eureka
1 Magnum, Shortshot
1 Inka, Karma's Curse Crest
1 Victorious Apache Urara
1 Demon Wolf, Betrayal Moonlight Castle
1 Falconer, Lightfang Ninja
1 Evil Heat, Screaming Demon Dragon

Hyperspatial Zone:

#: Card Name:
1 Aqua Attack (BAGOOON Panzer)
1 Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious
1 Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious
1 Prin Prin, the Victorious
1 Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Crimson Rage~
1 Convoy Trailer, Temporal Commander
1 Volg Thunder
1 Gaial Kaiser

Recommended cards

High importance Cards

Card Name: Reasons:
Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader Core of the deck.
Demon Wolf, Betrayal Moonlight Castle Powerful discard.
Ruins of the Lion King Conditional strong Mana Acceleration.
The=Deadbrachio, World Evil Dragonkind Super Strike Back defense.
Linnevenus, M Demon Dragon Stronger spam than that of Victorious Apache Urara.
Magnum, Shortshot Anti for no cost meta in your turn.
Dark Life Mana acceleration and graveyard supply for Linnevenus.
Rafululu, Sound Faerie Strong spell lockdown, pair it with Dogiragon Buster and Linnevenus.
Evil Heat, Screaming Demon Dragon Highly flexible Revolution Change card. Hall of Fame

Candidate cards

Nature support

Card Name: Reasons:
Mystic Treasure Chest Choose what cards go to the mana zone.
Puchohenza, Mia Moja Strong removal and tap in, recycles The=Deadbrachio, World Evil Dragonkind.
Top of Romanesk 2 Mana Acceleration and Revolution Change Bait.

Fire support

Card Name: Reasons:
Entertainer of Stealing and Lying Anti for no cost meta in general, however Magnum is more useful.
Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden Graving and emergency option.
Ryusei the Earth Speed Attacker Revolution Change Bait.
Johnny Walker, Exploding Mask Basic Mana Accel.

Darkness support

Card Name: Reasons:
Dark Life Early Mana Accel and Graving.
Honenbe, Skeletal Guardian Graving and recovery.
Demon Wolf, Betrayal Moonlight Castle Mass Discard.
Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet Pinpoint Discard.
Mad Dead Wood, Seductive of D Mass Spamming and Defense.

Water support

Card Name: Reasons:
Intense Vacuuming Twist Standard support, search for The=Deadbrachio.
Ghost Pirates Strong removal shield trigger spell.
Mystery Captain Fleet Cheap removal. Kills Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon by itself.

Light support

Card Name: Reasons:
Kernel, Blue Stagnation Dragon Elemental Excellent stalling shield trigger, Revolution Change bait.
Boys to Men Defense and Draw and Mana Accel.
Counterattacking Silent Spark Tap all or 2 Draw.
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