Fire Jokers (deck)

Fire Jokers is a Beatdown deck type.


While Fire Jokers were never popular due to the lack of reversal resistance, colorless support or speed for regular Jokers decktypes, the appearance of Dondodo Doramusko and Jojojo Maximum allows it to operate with high stability.

It focuses on sending out Yattareman in turn 2, Dondodo Doramusko to search out key parts and give Merabeat the Johnny Jokers Over Explode, allowing it to be summoned as early as in turn 4 to call out Omegattai Sandaioh and cast Jojojo Maximum to send all of the opponent's shields to grave.

Due to the deck reliant on cards in hand, it is weak to discard, although Runezance can be used to migtate the risk. However, discard is not common in the 2 Block Constructed format, so if the build is built with that format in mind, anti-discard is not needed.

Cards commonly seen in colorless Jokers decks can be incorporated to this deck for increased flexibility.

Core cards

(The cards that are viable in Jokers and its OTK version are viable in this deck type, although not all of them are viable. Usually the basic Jokers deck parts fit well here.)

Name: Reason:
Merabeat the Johnny Core finisher.
Omegattai Sandaioh Shield Burn, Jokers Over Explode.
Jojojo Maximum Mass shield burn with Sandaioh and anti-Cyberdice.
Dondodo Doramusko Gives Merabeat Jokers Over Explode and searches out key cards.

Fire Jokers candidates

Name: Reason:
Runezance Anti-discard.
Diceclops De Szark meta.
Cameralife Consistent early removal.
Iron Manhattan
Buchigire! Fujiyamuscle
Gekishinoh, Super Z Class
Mushimushinonnon / Heat enough to burn to Ash Quick cost trample of Jokers.
Barberpapa Reduces need to one-shot constantly.
Smapon Super Shield Trigger.

Colorless Jokers Candidates

Name: Reason:
Pokchinchin Powerful for no cost + grave meta.
Yattareman Mandatory cost reduction.
Pali Nights Mandatory mana accel.
Jojojo Jokers Mandatory early search.
Gayoushin Mandatory early draw.
Bainaradoor Classic fixed st removal.
Senno, Brainwash Prevents non-summoned creatures from even entering the battle zone.
King the Slotton 7 / Seventh Seven Trigger defense, sub-finisher.
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