Fiona Woods
フィオナの森 (Fiona no Mori)
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The Fiona Woods is an area of the background story in the Duel Masters Creature World that appears on flavor text of various cards in the Nature Civilization.


The Fiona Woods was a forest located in the borders of the Darkness Civilization and Nature Civilization and is a red target for various forms of Invasions, most notably the Darkness Civilization's endless quest for land.

The Fiona Woods were the first location invaded by the Darkness Civilization when they invaded the Nature Civilization. They destroyed the landscape with Parasite Worms, possessed the minds of any creature who goes against them with Brain Jackers and Parasite Worms, and crushed the resisting Beast Folk with Demon Commands. Eventually they were forced to retreat when the Giants awakened. In the English version, it is said that Ballom, Master of Death was killed by Stratosphere Giant in the Fiona Woods. (In the Japanese version, Ballom is sealed by Alcadeias.)

Deep in the forest, there is a lengthy waterfall where the Earth Dragons were resurrected.

In the furthest part of the forest is a place named "Senkai" which is the home for the Avatars. When the first 5 avatars were defeated, the remaining avatar returned to it.

In DM-16, the chemical experiments that were used to create Alphadios, Lord of Spirits polluted Senkai and Überdragon Valkyrias, Super Necrodragon Abas Nonaris and Super Terradragon Bramgreil were born.

In DM-17, most of the forest was destroyed and the remaining parts were called the "Tears of Fiona". While it was destroyed, it still acts as Stratosphere Giant's resting place according to CoroCoro's map of the Phoenix Saga.

In DM-35 Neverending Saga, the civilizations agreed to peace and signed a pact called the Fiona Pact. This pact was eventually broken by the Darkness civilization forces who were controlled by Aliens (Who in return were blackmailed by Unknown).

In the Psychic Shock, the term "Fiona Woods" was used to refer to the forest, which means that the forest was fully repaired. It is possible that the Gods recreated the forest during their recreation of the world.

However, in DMR-03 Episode 1: Gaial Victory, Zabi Libra, Lord of Demons and several other Aliens burned down the Fiona Woods. It is possible that the forest may have been recovered according to Deathblade Beetle's DMX-19 flavor text.

In DMD-33 Masters Chronicle Deck 2016: The World's End by the God of Devils, the Fiona Woods were taken over by and fused with Darkness forces in order to revive Tyrant Black Monarch. Using this they had also controlled the native Snow Faeries to commence the revival ritual for the Monarch.

Despite the Light civilization Lord of Spirits tried to stop them, the Monarch was revived and Sapphire Wisdom and the other Lord of Spirits fought the Monarch with results unknown.


  • Early OCG cards tend to call the forest "Fiana Woods" (フィアナの森).
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