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フィニッシャー (Finisshā)
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Finisher is a slang term for a card that has the ability to declare the result of the game by itself. Usually, these cards have the ability to end the duel with their owners' victory once they appear. While the term usually refers to Creatures, Spells and Cross Gear may be included too.


In Duel Masters, a finisher contains the following traits;

As most finishers in today's Metagame are very hard, or even impossible to counter, it would be wise to delay the opponent's finishers by using methods such as Discard before you can bring out your own.

Do not confuse a finisher with a fatty as despite most finishers have more than 6000 power, fatty is only used to refer to a creature's power and not it's abilities whereas finisher is usually used to refer to the opposite.

Examples of finishers

Lockdown Finishers
Extreme offensive finishers
Removal Finishers
Creature/Spell Spam Finishers
Deckout Finishers
Extra win Finishers
Spell Finishers
Cross Gear Finishers


  • Overly powerful finishers are one of the most common targets of the Hall of Fame and Premium Hall of Fame.
  • Other terms for finishers include "Trump Card" or "end card".