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Final Forbidden Field
最終さいしゅう禁断きんだんフィールド (Saishū Kindan Fīrudo)
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Final Forbidden Field is a Final Forbidden field card type.


A "Forbidden Field" card type was first mentioned on FORBIDDEN ~Star of Forbidden~.

However, no card that has "Forbidden Field" as an exact card type had been Initially released.

FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~ was later released in DMR-23 Dogiragolden VS Dormageddon X with the Final Forbidden Field card type.

The card type is not included in the deck or hyperspatial zone, and is composed of 5 cards, with one placed in the center of 4 others that are used as seals.

FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~
Darkness Darkness.png Fire Fire.png / Final Forbidden Field

■ At the start of the game, put this Final Forbidden Field into the battle zone as a field linked by attaching 4 seals on each of its corners.
■ You can only remove a seal when you summon a Darkness or Fire command that costs 5 or more or put it into the battle zone through ZERO once per turn.
■ You can't attack with creatures except Darkness or Fire Initials, Darkness or Fire Commands or creatures that have "Forbidden" in their name.
■ This Final Forbidden Field can't leave the battle zone.

Each seal that you remove has an ability that triggers.

Seal: Seal #: Position: Effect:
Alpha First Seal: Upper Left When this seal is removed, destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has power 1111 or less.
Delta Second Seal: Upper Right こWhen this seal is removed, one of your creatures gets "slayer" until the end of the turn.
Beta Third Seal: Bottom Left When this seal is removed, one of your creatures gets "power attacker +2222" until the end of the turn.
Gamma Fourth Seal: Bottom Right Forbidden Big Bang: When this seal is removed, if there are no more seals on this Final Forbidden Field, flip all 5 cards and combine them as one creature.

After all seals have been removed, it can flip and combine into its Final Forbidden Creature side: Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon.