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Final Forbidden
最終さいしゅう禁断きんだん (Saishū Kindan)
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Final Forbidden is a supertype.


The supertype exists exclusively on a Double Sided Card of FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~ (a Final Forbidden Field) that flips into Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon (a Final Forbidden Creature).

FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~
Darkness Darkness.png Fire Fire.png / Final Forbidden Field

■ At the start of the game, put this Final Forbidden Field into the battle zone as a field linked by attaching 4 seals on each of its corners.
■ You can only remove a seal when you summon a Darkness or Fire command that costs 5 or more or put it into the battle zone through ZERO once per turn.
■ You can't attack with creatures except Darkness or Fire Initials, Darkness or Fire Commands or creatures that have "Forbidden" in their name.
■ This Final Forbidden Field can't leave the battle zone.

Each seal that you remove has an ability that triggers.

Seal: Seal #: Position: Effect:
Alpha First Seal: Upper Left When this seal is removed, destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has power 1111 or less.
Delta Second Seal: Upper Right こWhen this seal is removed, one of your creatures gets "slayer" until the end of the turn.
Beta Third Seal: Bottom Left When this seal is removed, one of your creatures gets "power attacker +2222" until the end of the turn.
Gamma Fourth Seal: Bottom Right Forbidden Big Bang: When this seal is removed, if there are no more seals on this Final Forbidden Field, flip all 5 cards and combine them as one creature.

After all seals have been removed, it flips and combines into Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon.

999 Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon
Darkness Darkness.png Fire Fire.png / Final Forbidden Creature

■ Triple breaker
■ When this creature Forbidden Big Bangs, your opponent puts a seal on each of their creatures. (While creatures are sealed, both players ignore that creature.)
■ Your opponent can't put seals from their creatures into their graveyard.
■ This creature can't be sealed.
■ When this card would leave the battle zone, you may put 2 forbidden cores under this creature instead. If you do, put one of your shields into your graveyard.
■ If this card is is anywhere other than the battle zone, destroy all creatures, then you lose the game.