• Q: What does it mean when it says Final Dragarmor lets the crossed creature break an additional shield?
    • A: It means that whenever a creature crossed with Final Dragarmor breaks a shield, it can break one more shield on top of that. Normally, you only break one shield when you attack a player and aren't blocked, so you would then break two total. If the creature already has double breaker it then breaks three, and if it has crew breaker then you calculate the number of shields normally and then add one to that. If a creature crossed with Final Dragarmor doesn't break any shields in the first place, then this effect doesn't happen.
  • Q: With Final Dragarmor's effect, does a crossed creature gain the double breaker effect?
    • A: No. In the same way, a creature with double breaker crossed with Final Dragarmor does not gain triple breaker. This card's effect simply lets you break an extra shield on top of whatever the creature would normally have broken.

Final Dragarmor
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