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死の千年後、バロムが蘇る。 After a thousand years of death, Ballom is revived.
— flavor text of Stallob, the Lifequasher.
Fighting Spirit Saga
Japanflag.png 闘魂編インビンシブル・ソウル (Tōkon Hen)
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Fighting Spirit Saga is the 2nd block of card sets in the Duel Masters trading card game.

List of Sets

It is composed of sets released between June 26, 2003, and March 9, 2004.

DM Sets

DMC Sets

It also features promotional cards from Year 2.


The ancient war has caused a giant underground hole to appear and the first civilization-united creatures, known as Survivors appeared and attacked the world, however, they were quickly defeated. After then the civilizations continue war, and in the moment, Nature and Fire creatures teamed up to drill to the earth's core to awake the Dragons, while the Water Civilization's leader, Emperor Quazla tried to create a doomsday device. This has caused the world's order to go into chaos...



デュエル・マスターズ2番目のシリーズ。 「闘魂編」と書いて「インビンシブル・ソウル」と読む。 基本セットに比べ、カードパワーの向上がかなり見られる。複雑なテキストを持ったカードも増えており、一気にゲーム性に幅が生まれた。

このシリーズから「主人公格のクリーチャー」としてドラゴンが性能的にもプッシュされ始め、《超竜バジュラ》や《ボルメテウス・ホワイト・ドラゴン》などの人気カードも多数誕生。 チャージャーやタップ能力、種族を選択するカードなど、数々の重要な効果が登場した。


120枚セットであり、「〜編」と名前が付いた初めての明確なシリーズ弾 DM-06 「闘魂編(インビンシブル・ソウル) 第1弾」 全体的にカードパワーが低いが、突出した強さの人気カードもあった DM-07 「闘魂編 第2弾 時空超獣の呪(インビンシブル・チャージ)」 ドラゴンが一気に充実し、その他のカードも粒ぞろいで高い人気を誇った DM-08 「闘魂編 第3弾 超神龍の復活(インビンシブル・レジェンド)」 種族単位でデッキを組む、という事を推進した DM-09 「闘魂編 第4弾 覇道帝国の絆(インビンシブル・ブラッド)」 の4つ。

このシリーズが発売されていた時期に水文明中心のデッキがメタデッキとして隆盛を誇っていたため、水のカードは他に比べてやや弱めにデザインされている。 エキスパンションによってはサイクルから水だけ外されているものも。

現在は全て絶版になっているが、有用なカードの大半は再録されているためそれらは比較的手に入りやすい。 殿堂制が初めて施行されたのはDM-08発売後。これによって一気にメタゲームが変化した。 よく「インビジブル・ソウル」と読み間違えられる。「インビジブル(Invisible)」は「不可視な、隠れた」、「インビンシブル(Invincible)」は「無敵の、不屈の」という意味である。

  • Due to the high position that the Water Civilization holds in the metagame, most of the Water Civilization foil cards in this block tend to be comparatively bad and are considered Junk Rares by many players. Additionally, Cycles in this expansion have the Water Civilization excluded.


Before Hall of Fame (DM-06 - DM-07 stage)

DM-06 introduced cards that enabled a variety of strategies, which in turn enabled many new decks to duke it out in the metagame.

In particular, the release of Hell Slash strengthened the Deck Out deck type. Hell Slash along with Wicked Soul Reincarnation created the Incarnation Control deck type, making a splash in the metagame which Astral Reef continued to dominate.

The introduction of Factory Shell Q gave Survivors a reliable Draw Engine which made a strong foundation for the deck type. Q-tronic Gargantua gave Survivors destructive power, Both Incarnation Conrol and Survivors could to some extent compete with Astral Reef and Trigger Turbo.

However, Astral Reef also got strong evolution bait in the 2 mana cost Steam Star. The deck continues to dominate tournaments. In the final tournament of the official tournament Invincible League 2003, almost all participants used the Astral Reef deck. The winner of the Open Class used a nature deck with light splashed in. This deck had a focus on shield triggers to counter the large amounts of Astral Reef decks.

DM-07 was all in all a disappointing set with few cards being deemed usable in the tournament metagame. Mulch Charger was a notable exception. Astral Reef adopted this card to gain a significant mana advantage. Using this card, a maximum of 8 mana could be produced on the third turn. Removal Control and Mobius Turbo were created to overwhelm the opponent by casting casting Apocalypse Vise and Lost Soul as quickly as the fourth turn.

After the 1st Hall of Fame (DM-08 - DM-09)

Astral Reef and many other Water draw cards which dominated the meta will be hit by the Hall of Fame. With the loss of essential cards such as Astral Reef and Cyber Brain, players will be forced to rebuild their decks.

With these cards restricted, Aquan had become the core of decks such as Aquan White and Aquan Black, the latter having just added Gachack, Mechanical Doll from DM-08, which further enforced its beatdown.

However, decks which survived the Hall of Fame, such as Survivors, still had an active role in the metagame. As such, Rush decks began to resurface, such as Darkness Fire rush and Mono-Fire rush. Thus control decks began making combos with Hydro Hurricane in order to have a chance to resist the more aggressive environment.

DM-09 brought Petrova, Channeler of Suns which further encouraged tribal decks, as well as the deckout spells Slash Charger and later Hell Slash.

With the appearance of Petrova, Creature Control decks were more prevalent, such as Light Nature control centered around Beast Folks or Aquan White centered around Guardians.

On the other hand, Slash Charger was not used for its main purpose of filling one's graveyard, but for the express purpose of decking out the opponent, thus transforming Bolmeteus Control in a more sophisticated Water Darkness Fire Deckout. This deck was filled with Burst Shot, Bloody Squito and Blizzard of Spears to counter Petrova. A Removal Dragon control deck had also been made.

These decks had returned to a once chaotic metagame and did well at official tournaments such as the Spring Battle Challenge 2004.

Competitive Decks

DM-07 Stage

  • Water Rush (W)
  • Turbo Trigger (W/N)
  • Blessing Totem / Mystic Dreamscape combo (W/N)
  • Survivor
  • Mobius Turbo (W/N, sometimes D or F)

DM-08 Stage

  • Darkness / Aquan (W/D)
  • Light / Aquan (L/W)
  • Deckout (W/D/F)
  • Dragon Control (D/F)
  • Control (L/N)
  • Rush (D/F)

Important Cards