(Changed my mind. The "Awakened" in this card doesn't even exist. It's just an unofficial translation)
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*Although this card preceded [[Psychic Creature]]s by many sets, this "[[Awaken]]ed" card has nothing to do with the card-flipping mechanic.
**Alas, the "Awakened" in this card is only an English translation and not in the original Japanese card name.
{{Cycle|set=DM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear}}
{{Cycle|set=DM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear}}
'''Accelerator - Additional Race and Power creatures'''
'''Accelerator - Additional Race and Power creatures'''

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This card is part of the following cycle in the DM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear set.

Accelerator - Additional Race and Power creatures
(Each of these creatures have the Accelerator Accelerator ability and get +3000 power and an additional race when crossed with a Cross Gear. They each have a mana cost of 3 and 2000+ power.)

Fifi, the Awakened Dragon Fairy
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