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ファッティ (Fatti)
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Fatty is a term for a creature with a high Mana Cost


Although the definitions differs slightly from person to person, it is usually used for cards that cost 7 or more.

As the mana cost increases, the card power also increases so the finisher card for most decks are often fatty creatures.

However, beatdown decks usually focus on midrange cost creatures instead, in between the lower cost creatures and these fatties.

Because of their higher cost, it is necessary to use Mana Acceleration cards and For No Cost abilities to get them into the battle zone.

  • It is the opposite of Weenie, the term for low cost creatures.
  • While vanilla or quasi-vanilla fatties can have high-power, they are often not very useful as they provide no immediate impact in the game, and offer nothing to the future board state.
  • Many fatties at 8 mana or more such as Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious and Codeking Wilhelm can provide stronger abilities than those that cost 7 or less. Zenith creatures that cost 10 or less often provide abilities that strongly impact the game when you summon them into the battle zone, while also having protection in the form of the Eternal Omega keyword.
  • Many creatures in Episode 2 had design based on fatty creatures, with much focus on the Zenith and Unknown races.
  • A deck consisting of only fatties is not recommended, but deck types such as Drama or Miramisu include many of them as they can be played for no cost.

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