• Q: What is considered as the next creature? What happens if I don't summon a creature?
    • A: Faerie Gift only has an effect on the turn it was cast. You will pay 3 less mana for the very next creature you cast during the turn Faerie Gift was cast, but if you don't summon a creature, then the effect is wasted since the effect expires at the end of your turn.
    • Note: Cards such as Ace of Swords, Ensign of the Galaxy Falcon Squadron that have alternative methods of being "put" into play that don't specifically mention being "summoned" aren't considered being summoned, so Faerie Gift doesn't affect them.
  • Q: Can I make one of my creatures cost up to 6 less to summon, by casting 2 Faerie Gift spells?
    • A: Yes, but it can't cost less than 1.

Faerie Gift
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