Evolution Icon
しんマーク (Shinka Maku)

Evolution icon.png

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Evolution Icon is a symbol that appears on the Card Frame and Card Illustration on each evolution creature.


The number of icons also increases according to the number of evolution sourcess. For example, Vortex evolution features 2, while Galaxy Vortex evolution features 3.

On the card type line on the card frame of a creature that has Ultimate evolution, it is presented in a white trapezoid shape.


  • It is officially also called "evolution ball". It is an illustration and design rule that has been in existence since DM-02 Master of Evolution. Some creatures have this icon as part of their body, such as Niofa, Horned Protector.
  • The number of icons represented in the illustration is the same number of creatures required as an evolution source, but some cards such as Saint Bolshack, Spiritual Dragon have ignored this.
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