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Exile icon.png Evolution Exile Creature
(Shinka Eguzairu Kurīchā)
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Evolution Exile Creature is an Evolution Exile creature card type.


This card type was introduced in DMR-11 Ultra Victory Master.

While most similar to the Exile Creature card type, they don't feature a Doron Go ability. They also each evolve over a single creature with the Outrage race.

Like Exile Creatures, each Evolution Exile Creature features a sun-like icon Exile icon.png next to the エグザイル・クリーチャー text written on the card type line of their card frame.

They also share the same unnamed "uniqueness" ability that prevents you from having 2 creatures with similar card names in the battle zone at the same time.

  • However, if they are evolved over by an evolution creature and the top card of that creature is removed (by a card such as Royal Durian) the Exile Creature can stay in the battle zone as they are not considered to be put in the battle zone in that case as they were already there in play.

List of Evolution Exile Creatures

DMR-11 Ultra Victory Master

Exile Creature: Doron Go/Uniqueness:
Robin Champ, Orichalcum Wizard Orichalcum Wizard (錬金魔砲オリハルコン・ウィザード)
Global Rise, Show Must Go-on Show Must Go-on (翔帆轟音ショー・マスト・ゴーオン)



Official Rulings

  • Q: What kind of creature is an "Evolution Exile Creature"?
    • A: "Evolution Exile Creature" is a new type of exile creature. Like normal creatures, you summon and put them into the battle zone and are used to attack your opponent and their creatures. They each have the enhanced "Outrage MAX" race, in place of Outrage (with the exception of Katsumugen, Climax).