Evolution Cross Gear
しんクロスギア (Shinka Kurosu Gia)


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Evolution Cross Gear are a card type that are evolved over your Cross Gear in the battle zone.


They are a type of Cross Gear that can only be played by evolving them on a cross gear of a specified civilization (with the exception of Dragon Blade – Yamato Spirit).

They have the same basic functionality as a cross gear, and if the cross gear used to evolve the Evolution Cross Gear from is initially crossed onto a creature already, the Evolution Cross Gear will be automatically crossed onto the target creature.

Due to their extreme costs, overkill effects and heavy disadvantage when removed, only a few of them were ever printed.


Cards that support Evolution Cross Gears

Support Card: Card Effect:
Leopard Glory Sword ■ You can put an evolution cross gear of any civilization(s) on this cross gear.

List of Evolution Cross Gear

DM-17 The Over-Technocross

DMC-45 Battle of Yamato Soul

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