Evil Fortress
魔城まじょう (Maji~you)
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Evil Fortress (or Dark Castle) is an area of the background story in the Duel Masters Creature World that appears on flavor text of various cards in the Darkness Civilization.


From the description in flavor texts given, it seems to refer to オルゼキア (Olzekia, Skull Castle) in the God Apex Saga block, Rose Castle in the Sengoku Saga, and XENOM, the Reaper Fortress in the Divine Evolution Saga.

According to the flavor text of Dark Hydra, Evil Planet Lord only those who have manipulated the fate of life and death can be considered "the champion of the castle" (魔城の覇者). It is presumed that Olgias, Champion of the Evil Fortress and Olgaiza, Dark Demon of the Evil Fortress match this due to including 魔城 in their card name, as well as abilities that involve death and destruction (破壊 and 死).

Because it s said that it is easy for a lord of demons to open the gate of hell, it is thought that Ballom that has the ability to manage "Destruction and Death" also has the ability to control "Rebirth and Life". If the "champion of the castle" is synonymous with the Lord of the Castle, it can be said that the Ballom family is suitable for the lord of the castle. The flavor text of Ballom, Master of Death reprinted in DMC-38 Castle of Demon implied that the "master of the diabolic castle" is 'Ballom, Master of Death'.

However, it was Olzekia, General of Decapitation that leading the Darkness Civilization in the first half of the God Apex Saga block and as the castle includes his name, it can be difficult to conclude the ownership. While the ruler of the 'Olzekia, Skull Castle' maybe him, it may be a different castle than the 'Castle of Demon' from Super Deck Zero. The ruler may have also changed due to the resurrection of Ballom Emperor, Lord of Demons.

Also, as the Ballom family doesnt appear in the Sengoku Saga, it is difficult to say what the relationship with the Rose Castle is in relation to this. It is known that the knights used it as a base in their efforts against the Samurai.

Due to the lack of certain formation, the following has to be assumed as a summary.

  • Members of the Ballom family are the most likely candidates for the lord of the Evil Fortress.

Other Notes

  • The flavor text of Ginger, True Flash Believer mentions that they are oracles are headed to a castle known as the "British Pavilion", seemingly related to British, Hell Blues. This would also seem to exist in the Darkness civilization.

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