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Etsu is a character on the Duel Masters Deck Development team.


A teenage boy with red hair and a pair of biker goggles on his head. He wears a fire-like scarf and has the Fire Civilization cog on his belt. His appearance is feminine and may be mistaken for a tomboy.


He prefers Rush decks and likes Dragons and Humans. He is the leader of DASH deck development and had once left the developmnent team for no reason. After he left, there are weird people disguising as him every round such as Girls and strange unknown characters. At its greatest point 10 doppelgangers had appeared at once. He was back at the end of DASH Deck development NEX and became it's leader in Dash deck development Double Cross. He is a passionate person and has a mysterious passion for Exercise, in which he often calls his fire and Dragon creature explanations "Exercise", such as "Crossfire Exercise" and "Cross NEX Exercise".

His mind fits with Duel Hero Yuu, who is also a passionate person.

Heroes Cards

He is featured on the following Heroes Cards;