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エラッタ (Errata)
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Errata is a term for card text that has been officially announced to be modified. This can be due to correction or rule changes.


Each card should be used following the latest released version of the card, or corrected errata.

The latest errata can be found on the Duel Masters Official Homepage.

Rule Changes

Effects that specify the number of cards.

  • Old Rule: When you have a card that specifies the number of cards, i.e. "Choose 2 of your opponent's cards", if your opponent had 1 or fewer cards, you wouldn't be able to use that ability as they don't have the necessary number of cards.
  • New Rule: The effect specified number with these effects can be used even if your opponent's hand doesn't have the required number of cards.
    • Supplement 1: In the old rule, if your opponent only had one creature, you couldn't use Miraculous Plague.
    • Supplement 2: Skeleton Vice had extraneous text explaining how you could discard cards from your opponent hand even if they only had one card.
Your opponent discards 2 cards at random from his hand.
If there is only one, your opponent puts that card into its owner's graveyard.

Destruction Replacement effects

Old Rule: Processing of an effect such as "When this creature would be destroyed, return it to your hand instead of your graveyard" moved the creature to the designated zone after it was put into your graveyard,

New Rule: Processing of an effect such as the above put the card directly into the designated zone.

Dragon races

If only Dragon was in the card text, it will be read as "Add Dragon to the race".

  • Supplement: Although this received errata, "Dragon" as a group of races was referred to again in DM-22 The Dragonic Nova.

Furious Onslaught (Date: 2004)

Effects that said "Becomes Dragon until end of turn" became "Add Armored Dragon to race".

Evolution Creature and Evolution Source, part 1

Changes occurred due to the Meteorburn keyword on Phoenix evolution creatures.

  • Old Rule: Evolution creatures in the battle zone can't stay in the battle zone if their evolution sources are removed.
  • New Rule: Evolution creatures can stay in the battle zone regardless if their evolution sources are removed.

Evolution Creature and Evolution Source, part 2

If the top card of an evolution creature leaves the battle zone by an effect such as Royal Durian, the evolution sources stay. If the evolution sources can't be reconstructed, any non-matching cards are put into the graveyard.

Evolution Creature and Evolution Source, part 3

If there is no evolution source in the battle zone, you can't put out an evolution creature. Some cards were previously able to put evolution creatures into the battle zone without a source, but now they can't.

Destruction Substitution and Destruction Trigger abilities

If a Dragon is destroyed when you have 2 Infinity Dragons in the battle zone, the destruction substitution ability of Infinity Dragon won't overlap.

The same also applies to the substitution effect of other cards.

  • Supplement: Since Infinity Dragon is now in the Hall of Fame, this doesn't occur.

Minmei, Beautiful Faerie and Courtney, Summer Breeze Faerie

As Courtney made your creatures into 5-civilization creatures, you were unable to summon creatures that cost 4 or less, as you were unable to tap enough cards in your mana zone to pay for the cost of the card. (This was only possible if you used a naturally 5-civilization card with a mana number of 0.)

After July 15, 2015, you can tap additional cards to pay for the civilization of the cost of the creature, even if it goes over their mana cost.

Shield Trigger cards put into your hand

If a shield is put into your hand with Marshall Queen or Sirigel, the Absorber and it's not explicitly stated that "Shield trigger" can't be used, you are able to use it.

While it's not strictly an errata, it was ambiguous due to other cards that prevented this.

厳密に言うとエラッタではなく、曖昧だった裁定が正式に確定したもの。 また過去に《陽炎の守護者ブルー・メルキス》の能力でS・トリガー持ちクリーチャーが出た場合や、《封魔ダンリモス》の能力で指定以外のS・トリガー持ちのカードだった場合、S・トリガーとして使用できない、という裁定があったが、これも同時にS・トリガーを使用できるとされた。

Multiple cards with "shield trigger" put into your hand at same time


つまり《マーシャル・クイーン》の場合であれば、3枚同時に手札に加え、その後手札に加えたカードのS・トリガーを使用できる。 手札に加えたカードのうち《星龍の記憶》を最初に唱えることで、手札に加えた時点ではS・トリガーでなかったカードをS・トリガーとして使う、などということはできない。(→星龍マーシャル)


しかし、 W・ブレイカーなどでシールドを複数枚ブレイクする際は、今まで通り、一枚ずつシールドをブレイクする 。 よって、この場合は《星龍の記憶》が最初のシールドから出てきた場合、次にブレイクされるシールドはS・トリガーを得る。

Win the Battle trigger

With the old rule, the ability triggered when the battle was won, but before the opponent's creature was put into the graveyard. This is now triggered simultaneously as Put Into Graveyard abilities and others that trigger when cards are put into a graveyard.

Multiple creatures are destroyed simultaneously

  • Old Rule: When multiple creatures are destroyed at the same time because of Mass Removal, creatures belong to the active player are put into the graveyard one by one. Then your opponent does.
  • New Rule: All creatures, of both players, are put into the graveyard at the same time.

Multicolored card and Cost Reduction

Old Rule:多色カードを手札から出すときコスト軽減効果により「文明の数>マナコスト」となっている場合、全ての文明の支払いができないためカードを使用することはできない。 ↓ Old Rule: 多色カードが「文明の数>マナコスト」となった場合、文明のためにコストを余分に支払うことができる。余分な分のマナは支払い終了時になくなる。

  • For example, 旧ルールではMobile Forestで赤緑のGonta, the Warrior Savageのコストを1に下げると普通に召喚することができなくなっていたが、現在では2マナを支払って召喚してもよい。
  • なお、旧ルールでも、マナの5色レインボーで「文明だけを追加」すればカードを使うことができた。

Card Errata

Official Changes

Lip Woppe (Promotional)

  • DM-22 writes the text as "Whenever a Dragon is put into the battle zone, you may draw a card". This was later changed to "Whenever you put a Dragon into the battle zone, ____". The errata was set to the original text, drawing a card whenever a player put a Dragon into the battle zone.
  • However, DMX-17 included "自分の" (Jibun) referring to only your own Dragons counting. This became the active card text.

Bolmeteus Steel Dragon (DM-06)

  • The text includes "した" instead of "する".

Gantora Maxivus (DMC-41)

  • Despite that it is a multicolored card, this creature is missing it's (This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.) ability. This was fixed for later printings.

Perfect Galaxy, Immortality Elemental (Secret Rare)

  • Spell is written as the card type instead of creature.
  • In DMX-21, the Shield Force icon (​Shield Force) is displayed as Silent Skill (​Silent Skill) instead.

Ulpheus, Dragonic Elemental (DMC-43)

  • The civilization watermark behind the effect text is the Fire Civilization, but its a monocolored light creature.

Magic Shot - Romanov Strike (DM-29)

Crest of Mother

  • The text referring to your mana zone was omitted.

Bullet "Shirou" Barrett (DMC-56)

  • The bolded section of (Each of your creatures in the battle zone that have Bolbalzak "Sword Flash" Dragon in their name gets "speed attacker".) wasn't included

Space Crawler (DMC-57)

  • Looking at your deck is an optional effect, not forced. Earth Eater is written as (アースイーター) with a "・" midpoint.

Invisible Suit (DMC-56)

  • Cross Gear is written in the race section, but the card has no race.

Unryu Deis Izu, Great Yokozuna (DMR-02)

  • The race is written as "Sumo Command / Dragon / Alien" instead of "Sumo Command Dragon / Alien".

DJ Afro Speaker, Noise Mecha (DMX-11)

  • The text is written as "instead of putting it into the graveyard you may discard a Mecha King instead" when it should be written as "When this creature would be destroyed, you may discard a Great Mecha King from your hand into your graveyard instead."

Carol, Gokigen Shout (DMX-14)

  • Despite that it is a multicolored card, this creature is missing it's (This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.) ability.

Jackal Shot, Supersonic (DMD-27)

  • It is an evolution creature but creature is written in the card type area.

Captain Dracken (DMR-20)

  • It is an evolution creature but creature is written in the card type area.

Ringal, Blue Voice Dragon Elemental (DMD-30)

  • Despite that it is a multicolored card, this creature is missing it's (This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.) ability.

Walsura Knight S (DMR-21)

  • The creature has an ability that prevents it being blocked, but the reminder text mentions the creature being attackable.

Arcadia Spark (DMD-32)

  • Despite being multicolored, the "This spell is put into your mana zone tapped." text.

Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility (DMX-25)

  • The text was written as "choose one of your opponents shield CARDS and put....".

Intense Boiling! Onsen Gallows (DMX-25)

  • The DMX-25 mistakenly includes evolution creatures.

Ohginga, Strongest Passion ([[DMX-26)

  • "Triple breaker" is missing.

Other typographical errors and printing mistakes

Terradragon Gamiratar

  • The effect used to say "Your opponent may choose a creature from his hand and places it into the battle zone" when it was meant to say "Your opponent may choose a creature from his hand and puts it into the battle zone", and thus triggering Come Into Play abilities.

Transmogrify (DM-10)

  • Creature is written as "クリチャー" instead of "クリーチャー". This was fixed in DMC-42.

Blaze, the Super Soul

  • It is an evolution creature but creature is written in the card type area.

Fuuma Vile Apostle

  • Grand Devil is written as "Grand Dodeville" (グラン・ドデビル).

Supernova Uranus Ninetails

  • Dynamo doesn't mention that abilities can only be included to your own Dynamo creatures.
  • Galaxy Vortex only writes "Vortex" in katakana instead of "Galaxy Vortex".

Supernova Apollonus Dragerion (DM-22)

  • in the sentence "Put on one of your dragons", it has the Hiragana for じぶん (Your) above it.

Überdragon Bajulaterra

  • Creature is written as "クリチャー" instead of "クリーチャー".

Space Crawler

  • Earth Eater is written as (アースイーター) with a "・" midpoint.

Valdrill, Armor of Fury

  • Has 2 expansion marks doubled over itself.

Magic Shot - Sword Launcher

  • Includes the text "a partner in the battle zone"

Rolan, the Oracle (etc.)

  • The race is written as "Lightbringer" (ライトブリンガー) without the "・" midpoint. This also occurred on other Light Bringer in Episode 1.

Leone Horn, the Raiding

  • Horned Beast is written as "Hornbeast" ホーンビースト without the "・" midpoint.

Global Rise, Show Must Go-on

  • "に" (in) is missed in the sentence "...that have "Show Must Go-on" in their name...".

Bonga Bonga, Protector Ancient Dragon

  • Guardian is written as "Kardia" (カーディアン).

Supernova Grand Cross Absolute Cure

  • Although its a multicolored card, there is no civilization colors in the mana cost of this card.

Purizurufu, Wings of J

  • The civilization symbol in the mana number is the Fire Civilization.

Shake Deal, Shadow of Quakes

  • Shield Trigger is written as "Silver Trigger".

Bazazeap, Dragon Car

  • 自分の (Your) was missing in the text.

Slight text changes

Stinger Worm (DM-01)

  • In DM-01, The text of this card said: "When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose one of your creatures and put it into your graveyard. If you don't, put this creature into your graveyard." In DM-18 it was changed to "When you put this creature into the battle zone, destroy one of your creatures". The latter allows you to destroy this creature if you have other creatures in the battle zone. However, cards such as Black Feather, Shadow of Rage use the same text as the old version upon reprint. It is unknown if Gigaberos would use which text upon reprint as the card has never been reprinted.

Metalwing Skyterror (DM-02)

  • In DM-02, the text says "Whenever this creature attacks, destroy one of your opponent's creatures with "Blocker"." When this card is reprinted, the "Your opponent's" is removed, so it can be used to destroy your own creatures.

Super Dragon Machine Dolzark (Promotional)

  • "Whenever your dragons do an attack" was changed to "Whenever your dragons attack".

Amaterasu, Founder of the Blue Wolves (DM-31)

  • With the old text, you had to choose whether you wanted to cast a spell or generate a cross gear before you searched the deck.

Cards with potential errors

Bat Doctor, Shadow of Undeath

  • Despite it is a Ghost, it has the naming traits of a Living Dead in the OCG (Using a term and 者, behind its name). It's appearance also resembles a Living Dead as well.

Mirror Force Dragon

  • Despite the traits of this creature resemble an Armored Dragon, It is actually a Volcano Dragon.

Skull Chainsaw

  • This card mistakenly has a minus (-) symbol in its card name, instead of the (ー) chōonpu Japanese symbol.

Chain Helix / Armored Walker Urherion / Necrodragon Heavy Kerberos

  • These cards used the hiragana "he" (へ) instead of the katakana "he" (ヘ) in their names.

Zaum Poseidam, Blue Divine Dragon

Supernova Betelgeuse Final Cannon

  • While it is named ベテルギウス (Betelgeuse) in the background story, the card name is ペテルギウス (Petelgeuse).

Zerokage, Lightfang Lord

  • Despite its name hints that it is a Great Mecha King and it resembles one as well, for some reason, it doesn't have the Great Mecha King race and is an Initiate instead.

Phal Reeze, Apocalyptic Sage

  • Despite its a guardian, it has 聖者 (Saint) used by Initiates.

Evidegoras, Dragon Sonic Aircraft Carrier

  • The DMX-26 printing of this card made the ability optional with "you may".

Keshikasu, Vanish King

  • An "instead" was added to the text.

Obuza 08, Demon Dragon Armored / Beginning of the End

  • "until end of turn" was added for its Decrease Power ability.