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装備 (Sōbi)
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Equip is a gameplay term of attaching one of your Dragheart Weapon to one of your Draguners.


When you put a Draguner into the battle zone, you may put a Dragheart Weapon into the battle zone as well. If you do, the Dragheart Weapon is put into play equipped

As of DMR-14 and DMX-18, only creatures with the Draguner race are able to put Dragheart Weapons into play and equip them.

A Dragheart Weapon is only able to be able to be in play when equipped to a Draguner, when the Draguner is removed from the battle zone, the Dragheart Weapon is returned to the hyperspatial zone.

If an equipped Draguner is used to evolve into an Evolution Creature, the creature stays equipped.

Unlike the similar card type of Cross Gear, no additional cost is paid to equip it to the Draguner. Also unlike cross gear, you aren't able to equip them to other creatures by paying a cost.


  • In the Duel Masters Versus anime series, when a Dragheart Weapon is equipped to a Draguner, they are physically attached next to each other, similar to God Linked cards.