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Entry Deck Zero
(Entorī Dekki Zero)
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Entry Deck Zero is a series of Theme Decks.


They were designed as a remake of the Super Deck Zero series based on characters that appeared in the Duel Masters manga in CoroCoro Comic. However, the cards were printed in the regular black border and only contained 5 foil cards.

Although they were cheaper compared to the Super Deck Cross series, they were released alongside "Entry Pack Zero" booster packs, designed to reinforce them further. This was an attempt to make it easier for newer and older players to purchase.

No new cards were released in the DMC-49 and DMC-50 decks. However, promotional cards such as Magmadragon Balga Geyser and cards that have entered the Hall of Fame such as Aquan were included.

  • Both Aquan and Cyber Brain from the DMC-50 deck are in the Premium Hall of Fame.

List of Entry Deck Zero

Only 2 of these decks were released.

They were both released in 2009, in a circular disc package.

However, DMC-51 Force of Dragon Entry Pack and DMC-52 Perfect Angel Entry Pack both supplement the decks with the Entry Pack Zero series.