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==Kellogg's Promos==
==Kellogg's Promos==
<gallery widths="120" hideaddbutton="true">
<gallery widths="120" hideaddbutton="true">
Dm-K1-Y1.jpg|[[Holy Awe]]
dm-k1-y1.jpg|[[Holy Awe]]
Dm-K2-Y1.jpg|[[Crystal Lancer]]
dm-k2-y1.jpg|[[Crystal Lancer]]
Dm-K3-Y1.jpg|[[Dark Raven, Shadow of Grief]]
dm-k3-y1.jpg|[[Dark Raven, Shadow of Grief]]
Dm-K4-Y1.jpg|[[Explosive Fighter Ucarn]]
dm-k4-y1.jpg|[[Explosive Fighter Ucarn]]
Dm-K5-Y1.jpg|[[Bliss Totem, Avatar of Luck]]
dm-k5-y1.jpg|[[Bliss Totem, Avatar of Luck]]

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