Enemy Civilization
敵対色てきたいしょく (Tekitai-iro)
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Enemy Civilization is a term used for civilizations not adjacent to each other in the civilization order.


The civilizations are arranged in a pentagon in a circular motion. They are ordered by

Any civilization that is not in the left and right side of a civilization is an enemy civilization and is opposed to that civilization in terms of belief and alliance in the Background Story. The basic concept of this is basically nonexistent after Phoenix Saga in the Background story as civilizations such as Water, Nature and Fire cooperated with each other to solve a world problem, but In Dragon Saga, all civilizations are enemy civilizations. In Revolution, Revolutionaries and Invaders are enemy civilization-aligned. (Namely, Light Darkness Fire and Water Fire Nature.)

All multicolored cards in DM-13 Eternal Phoenix and DMR-03 Episode 1: Gaial Victory were enemy civilization cards.

Certain card effects (such as Missile Boy and Gulan Rias, Speed Guardian) have effects that counter opposing civilization cards. This is now rarely seen as it is an serious form of Opponent Reliance and without the civilizations in an opponent's deck, they are same as Vanilla.

Note that enemy civilizations do not equal low synergy in gameplay; decks such as Water Fire Nature Beatdowns and Darkness Nature Rushes are seen commonly in the Metagame and prove to be a serious threat against those who are unprepared.

List of Enemy Civilizations

2 Color
(Both civilizations are enemies with each other.)

3 Color
(One civilization is enemies with the other 2.)

Civilizations of the Creature World
LightLight.png WaterWater.png DarknessDarkness.png FireFire.png NatureNature.png
Zero Zero.png Jokers J.png
2 Color Allied: LWLNWDDFFN
4 Color Light Water Darkness Fire
5 Color Light Water Darkness Fire Nature
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