Emperor of the Gods
しんてい (Shintei)

Adge, Ana, Moora and Mani linked

Released: DM-32 Evolution Saga
Civilization(s): WaterWater.png DarknessDarkness.png
Race: God / Origin
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Category for Emperor of the Gods.

Emperors of the Gods is a Name Category and God Link of God / Origin creatures.


When Adge, Moora, Mani and Ana were first introduced in DM-32 Evolution Saga, they could form a 4-part god that was Darkness on the left side, and Water on the right side. When Vishu and Suva were later introduced in DMC-55 CoroCoro Legend 7, they were able to be used to create a mono-darkness civilization God creature of all 4 parts. They are the first series of God creatures to be mono-civilization.

The DMC-63 Lunatic God deck was based around using this series of creatures, and featured a Psychic Creature, Suva, Temporal Menace that triggers its Awaken ability when the 4th god is put into the battle zone and god-linked together. After it awakens, it then destroys any creatures in the battle zone without the God race.

A seventh Emperor of the God card appeared as a fusion of Adge, Moora, Suva and Vishu, Sahasrara, Seventh Emperor of the Gods. However as it doesn't have the God Race, it is unaffected by cards that support the category.

List of Emperor of the God cards



Cards that Support the Emperor of the Gods category

Support Card: Card Effect:
Original Heart, the New Moon Pulses ■ Whenever your creatures attack, you may put a God that has Emperor of the Gods in its name from your hand into the battle zone.


Cards supported by Emperor of the Gods

Support Card: Card Effect:
Suva, Temporal Menace Awaken—Whenever you put a creature that has Emperor of the Gods in its name into the battle zone, if that creature links with 3 other cards, flip this creature.




  • The God Emperors first appeared in an ancient space-time rift. After overthrowing the previous reign of the Lunatic Emperors, they managed to rule and destroy much of the ground forces. They were later defeated by Rising NEX, the Enlightened.
  • In any combination of these god creatures, the linked creature has a total of 8 heads. Due to its snake-like body it can be seen as a reference to Yamata no Orochi.
  • Each of these creatures are named after the 6 of the 7 different Chakra systems:
    • Ajna — Adge
    • Vishuddha — Vishu
    • Anahata — Ana
    • Mani — Mani
    • Svadhisthana — Suva
    • Muladhara — Moora
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