Emma Kobayashi
こばやし エマ

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Voice Actor 豊田 萌絵
Moe Toyota

Emma or Emma Kobayashi is an unknown girl met during the events of Duel Masters King.


Emma is a young girl around the same age as the current team build for Joe Kirifuda. She has long, wavy hair and wears a beret on her head. She wears a shirt with a short skirt, with a sleeveless low cut dress worn on top of it and a bow tie on her chest. She also wears a pair of Mary Jane shoes. She's also always seen with a sparkle around her. She refers to herself by her given name.

However, unlike most characters, Emma's color scheme is different between episodes, with her clothing, hair, eyes and the sparkles around her varying in coloration. It's unknown if she can change her color motifs as she likes it, or if each of the Emmas seen are separate entities from each other.

In Episode 3, Emma has blonde hair, brown eyes and a white skirt, with the sleeveless dress being those of a light purple color. Her cap is light yellow, and her bow tie is blue. The sparkles around her are white. (This is the same attire she uses during the credits)

In Episode 8, Emma has red hair, a deep purple cap that shares the same color as her dress, and a yellow tie. Her eye color is now deep blue, and her sparkles are now red.

In Episode 17, she has bright green hair, a deep green shirt, and her sleeveless dress is bright yellow. Her cap is red-violet in color and her eye color is bright orange. Her sparkles are also now green. Emma appears to be consistently blushing in this episode.


Emma is a crush-stalker like girl who was the "Class Madonna" from Joe's class. She abruptly appears in front of various members of Joe's current party (or Joe himself) for love confessions, and likes to playfully keep someone's mouth shut by placing her index finger on top of their mouths if they were bewildered by her antics. Her color scheme varies during each episode she's in.

Episode 3

She was first seen approaching Kira in the prep room, holding a bouquet. She wants to duel and go to a cruise date with him. Kira does not talk about Emma even once afterwards, and the two does not seem to know each other.

Later on, the same Emma has been revealed to confess to Kouki before in Eurasia, when he won the local King of Duematch tourneys. She arrived to confess to Kira before Kouki's current duel with Kira, angering Kouki and causing him to officially drop all pretenses of friendliness.

Episode 8

Emma appeared in front of Cap in a prep room and gives him advice to not get embarrassed and leaves. Again, just like Kira before, Cap does not recognize Emma.

Episode 17

Joe Kirifuda ran out of Soul Points because he spent all of them for pleasantries. When he was wondering what to do, Emma awaits him in a chapel, giving him 500 Soul points which she claims that she has been "stored for a wedding when she was young".

In Episode 26, before confronting Abaku Onifuda, Emma with green hair abruptly emerges and runs right into Joe from the elevator to the stadium. She tearfully warns him to turn away from the next match because only ruin awaits. When Joe was puzzled by the abrupt appearance of the mysterious figure, her whole face flushes red and tells him to come back safely before crying and running out in tears, leaving Joe completely puzzled, considering he has never talked to her before.

In Episode 36, when Joe had a nasty diarrhea in the male restroom of the final quarter of Abaku's tourney and found out the slot he was in didn't have any toilet paper, Emma abruptly sneaks into it and right in front of him, climbing above Joe's slot. She conveniently drops him a roll of toilet paper and leaves.


  • Her voice actor was a part of the Pyxis idol unit, who also performed FLAWLESS.
  • Emma has Joe's phone number.
  • The Kanji on her surname is unknown.
  • Emma's color schemes always correspond to a combination of two civilizations. So far, they correspond to Light Water when approaching Kira, Darkness Fire when approaching Cap and Fire Nature when approaching Joe.
  • It's implied that Emma can duel according to her confession with Kira, and when approaching Joe, she was shown to have at least 500 Soul points in her Duematch records.
  • When Emma appears in a particular scene, an organ music will play.
  • The sheer abruptness of many of Emma's appearances and that she often appears in variable attires which make her resemble completely different entities altogether is often compared to Sayaka from the weekly anime Artificial insect KABUTO BORG Victory by Victory, who also abruptly vanishes after the first episode only to be replaced by nearly identical characters with different coloration.

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