• There are various other cards based on this creatures cost and effect such as Atsuto, Duel Hero Strategist, Secret Clocktower or Brain Storm which with differing advantages and disadvantages.
  • There are 2 heavier costing variants of this card that draw cards and self-discard. However, both lose the Shield Trigger keyword.
  • The card has a Fire Civilization version with Scale of Bravery and Love where the cost is the same (2), but the cards are drawn and discarded in the opposing order. Scale of Bravery and Love also features a modal ability with an option of destroying a creature that has power 2000 or less.
  • This card is able to trigger the ability Carol, Gokigen Shout if it self discards it, returning it to your hand.
  • Ladia Bale, the Inspirational is seen being destroyed by this card in the original artwork. In DM-32 Evolution Saga, creatures such as Aqua Surfer and Malibu Dancer can be seen running away from the tornados.
  • This card's promotional (P18/Y11) version was released with the Golden Pack promo pack.
    • This promotional flavor text is also pronounced in a rhyming manner ("Emergency" and "Change").
      • まさにこの世はエマージェンシー! (Masani konoyo wa emājenshī!)
      • 生き抜くために思考をチェンジ! (Ikinuku tame ni shikō o chenji!)
  • Shirariba, Aqua Manager mentioned in the DMR-16真 flavor text has not appeared as a card.
  • Katta Kirifuda used this card during the Victory V3 anime season to complement Crossfire, Millionaire and I'll ask! Katsudon.

Emergency Typhoon
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