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Duenurse, Three Extremes
さんきょく デュエナース
Civilization: LightLight.png
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 9
Races: Angel Command / Revolutionary / Invader
English Text:

Shield Trigger.png Shield trigger (When this creature is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may summon it for no cost.)

Ultra Saver: Creature that costs 9 (When one of your creatures that costs 9 would leave the battle zone, you may destroy this creature instead.)

Japanese Text:

Shield Trigger S・トリガー (このクリーチャーをシールドゾーンから手札に加える時、コストを支払わずにすぐ召喚してもよい)

■ ウルトラ・セイバー:コスト9のクリーチャー(自分のコスト9のクリーチャーがバトルゾーンを離れる時、かわりにこのクリーチャーを破壊してもよい)

Power: 3500
Mana: 1
Illustrator: So-Taro
Other Card Information: