Takahisa Maeyama
デュエマスター タカ

Duema Star Taka

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Duema Star Taka is one of the hosts of Duema TV.

Along with Duema Boy Daiki, he replaces Duel Hero Yuu and Duel Hero Atsuto.

He is currently possessed by Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden and is now attempting to destroy Daiki and other Duema heroes in Japan, but it was stopped by Duema Boy Daiki.


His nickname is "Takamaru, the star whose heart shines increasingly". In Duema TV!!, while he did beat Daiki numerous times, he loses to numerous kids in the show and is in danger of being fired. In order to prevent being fired, he had to battle the voice actor of Hokaben in a duel but was barely defeated. However, he wasn't fired since the audience was heated up as well as having the ability to create deck out of nothing.

He was later corrupted by Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden and can now directly damage opponents by doing a direct attack on them. However, he did not beat Daiki and said that he would use it to defeat all duel heroes in Japan. He also had the ability to possess other staff members with his powers during his possession.

After Duema Boy Daiki freed him from Dokindam X, he have regain his on will be he can no longer touch any Dokindam related of themed cards, because when he does, he will be taken over again, this is shown when he used Basara's field start deck, he got taken over and edit the deck with Redzone X, Forbidden Lightning Sonic.

During the 2016 World Hobby Fair, he was known as the "Dokindam X Man" and danced Michael Jackson's Thriller on stage.


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