Duema Golden List

Duema Golden List

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Duema Golden List is a list of cards that will not be (or previously were not) reprinted until a certain time.

It was previously known as the DASH Golden List.


This list mostly contains cards with Super Rare Super Rare and Very Rare Very Rare rarities.

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(Cards in these sets didn't unlock until June, 2017.)

DMR-17 Burning Dogiragon!!

DMR-18 Seize the Moment, Miradante!!

DMR-19 Forbidden Dokindam X

DMR-20 Gyuujinmaru's True Identity!!

Revolution Final

(Cards in these sets unlock June, 2018.)

DMR-21 Team Hamukatsu and Dogiragon Buster

DMR-22 World is Zero!! Blackout!!

DMR-23 Dogiragolden VS Dormageddon X

Duel Masters

(Cards in these sets unlock June, 2019.)

In all of these sets, all Jokers aren't included in the list.

DMRP-01 Here Come the Jokers!!

DMRP-02 All So Truly B・A・D Labyrinth!!

DMRP-03 Feeling Joejoe Meraventure!!

DMRP-04裁 The Rise of Master Dragon!! ~Judgment for Justice~

DMRP-04魔 The Rise of Master Dolszak!! ~Demon Phoenix of Moonless Night~

Twinpact Series

(Cards in these sets unlock June, 2020.)

In all of these sets, all Jokers aren't included in the list.

DMRP-05 Gokai!! Joragon Go Fight!!

DMRP-06 Strike Back Galaxy 卍・Inferno・Annihilation!!

DMRP-07 Ghira Ghira Ghiramessiah and Finaling QX!!

DMRP-08 The Showdown! Baraghiara!! Invincible OraOra Ringfinity ∞