Dueland Extra Win
(De~yuerando Ekusutora U~in)
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Dueland Extra Win is a monocolored Extra Win deck type.


It is similar to Mono-Water Control but is centered around the Alternate Win ability of Dueland, Transformation of Dreams, that triggers with its Come Into Play ability when it's summoned into the battle zone, and each of the top 7 cards of your deck are Water Civilization cards that can be used.

The deck focuses on draw and search methods as well as Cost Reduction in order to find and play the Dueland, while the remainder of the deck focusing on removal and defense.

Core Cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Dueland, Transformation of Dreams Deck concept.
Gyuujinmaru, Legendary Identity Sub Finisher.


Recommended cards: Reason:
Crystal Memory Search for Dueland.
Streaming Shaper Essential draw card for Mono Water.
Mypad, Start Dash Cost reduction.
Pakurio Impossible to recover certain discard.
Olive Oil, Karma's Burial
Xf Croce Fuoco, Dragment Symbol
Cyber N World
Deck recovery.
Gachanko, Minirobo No.1 Anti-spell meta.
Shuff, Eureka Stall Invasions.
Spellbook Charger Spell search & Charger.
Ragnarok, the Clock
Aqua Surfer
Spiral Gate
Scale of Gold and Binding
Pythagoras, Geometry Squadron
Spiral Hurricane, Hero Secret Technique
Powerful Water shield triggers.
Orochi of the Hidden Blade Counter Dokindam X.
Hyperspatial Energy Hole Draw hyperspatial spell.
Hyperspatial Gallows Hole Removal hyperspatial spell.
Cyberdice Vegas, Gambling Expert of D Draw + Defense
Onikamas, Strange Flow Tricky to deal with anti-for no cost trample card
All for One, Machine of D Denjara Switch to trigger the Come Into Play abilities twice.
VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura" Anti-MaltNEXT.

It's Showtime type

Recommended cards: Reason:
It's Showtime Bring out Dueland.
Galileo Galilei, Aqua Captain Mana Arms spell cost reducing.
Duerou, Weapon of Dreams
X2 Armor Franz, Dragment Symbol
Spell cost reducing.
Sb Ryuuisou, Dragment Symbol Give Strike Back to It's Showtime.
Secret Clocktower
Brain Storm
Draw and deck arrange spells.
Peeping Charger Cost 3 Charger.

Marshall Queen type

Recommended cards: Reason:
Marshall Queen Use shield trigger abilities.
Mystic Sea Castle - T2 Castle that grants shield triggers.
Cosmo Politan
Rosa Rossa
Malibu Dancer
Jelly, Dazzling Electro-Princess |
Evolution baits for Marshall Queen.
Hyperspatial Extra Hole Bring out Martini, Temporal Dancer.
Aqua Super Emeral
No Data
Psychic You
Shield exchange.
Fortune Slot Draw, supports Castles.

Q.E.D. Type

Recommended cards: Reason:
Evidence, Truth Gun Dragsolution in order to easily summon Dueland.
Metal Avenger, Dragon Edge
Metal Avenger Solid, Dragon Edge
Bring out Evidence.
Raija, Aqua Ninja
Dragment Point
Help Dragsolution Evidence.

Daisharin Loop

Recommended cards: Reason:
Cg Daisharin, Dragment Symbol Turn your spells into Chargers.
Siren Concerto Mana Recovery.
Sir Leopol Deenay, the Ice Fang Draw.
T Anago
Decoy, Aqua Suicider
Protect Cg Daisharin.


With the meta becoming more and more speedy with Invasion and Revolution Change, a Mono-Water Control can hardly fare well. Dueland costs a lot and it needs support in order to provide a safe Extra Win. As such it relies on cards such as Crystal Memory and It's Showtime, slowing the concept. More so, the deck is prone to discards, making difficult building a safe version. Most of all, since Dueland has a hefty cost, it will most likely end up in the mana zone in the first turns, so mana recovery is advised to add.

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