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*[[Zeron (Card Type)|Zeron]
*[[Zeron (Card Type)|Zeron]]
'''[[Block (sets)|Set Blocks]]'''
'''[[Block (sets)|Set Blocks]]'''

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Welcome to the Duel Masters wiki!

Do you know everything about the new Gacharange Creatures?
Gacharange Summon / Super Gacharange Zone / Orega Aura

The wikia aims to list every English and Japanese card as well as each
tip, trivia, gallery, ruling and deck types associated with the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.


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We also include information on the
Anime, Books, Comics, Manga, Movies, Toys and Merchandise and Video Games.

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These sets are released during the Gacharange Series.

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  • Yami Michael

    DMRP-12 References

    December 20, 2019 by Yami Michael

    References for DMRP-12.

    • Source:
    • Deneblog

    Old Card:

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  • Type8

    DMP release alert!

    There are two days left until DMP is released. The game features unique booster packs, with the first (and so far only) pack being released is DMPP-01.

    User:Yami Michael has made a …

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  • Yami Michael

    List of Lists

    October 14, 2019 by Yami Michael
    • Deck Collection
    • List of Popular Names
    • List of Excellent Mana Acceleration (link)
    • Race
    • Graveyard Usage (link)
      • Graveyard

    • List of Duel Masters OCG Sets
    • DASH Golden List
    • Duema Golden List

    • List of Exile Creatures
    • L…

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  • Yami Michael


    October 14, 2019 by Yami Michael

    • Illustration
    • Card Type
    • Card Number
    • Card Name
    • Shield
    • Twinpact

    • Card Based Removal
    • Discard

    • Card Power
    • Key Card
    • Super Card
    • Basic Card
    • Required Card
    • Similar Card

    • Game Original Card
    • Collaboration Card
    • Jumbo Card
    • Joke Card
    • D…

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  • Yami Michael

    DMRP-11 References

    September 20, 2019 by Yami Michael

    References for DMRP-11.

    • Source:
    • Deneblog

    Old Card:
    Jack, Bei B
    Sanvuakka, Earth Attack
    Saberfili, the Paladin
    Nariel, the Oracle
    Amber Piercer
    Pincer Scarab
    Roubanrei of Impact

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  • Type8

    I was just updating a couple of cardtable images.

    I came across Triple Mouth, Decaying Savage. Its newest artwork is a funny Promotional card and is not really representing of the creature. Pork Beef …

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