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Our Card Search database supports both the English and Japanese formats!

About Us

The objective of the Duel Masters wiki is to compile a comprehensive catalog of all cards in the English and Japanese game
as well as each associated tip, trivia, gallery, ruling and deck type related to the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

Our goal is to provide information on all eras of Duel Masters, both past and present.
This include the Shobu Era, the Katta Era, the Joe Era and the Win Era!

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We also cover information on all the products in the Duel Masters franchise, including:
Anime, Books, Comics, Manga, Movies, Toys and Merchandise and Video Games.

Recent and Upcoming Sets

These sets were released during the God of Abyss GoA, Abyss Revolution AREV and RR Royal Road blocks.

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EX Series

BD Series

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SP Series

SD Series

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