Don't You Dare Take Duel Masters For A Joke!
Duel Masters Victory, Episode
DM-Victory 8a
Japanese Name デュエマをバカにするな!
Air date May 21st, 2011
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Say It Ain't So, Benchan!

Don't You Dare Take Duel Masters For A Joke! (デュエマをバカにするな!)is the 8th episode in the Duel Masters Victory season of the Duel Masters Anime.


The DM-Hunter's true identity is revealed as the Shachihoko Fighting Squadron AKA the "Shachihokoz." Katta declares that he will take them on with his self-proclaimed Super-Strong Deck. In truth, his Deck is filled to the brim with creatures with high mana costs. Katta duels the female Duel Master, who believes that the best offense is a good defense and summons Blockers one after the other. Benchan duels the Hunter using his secret Deck. Benchan defeats the Hunter, who makes light of Duel Masters, in an amazing victory with his Shield Trigger cards! Katta starts to see Benchan in a new light. Benchan teaches Katta about deck construction, as long as he keeps today's events a secret from Bucyake and Yohdel.

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