Silent and Heated Battle! Time Stop vs Eternal Machine!
Versus Revolution Final, Episode 26
Duel Masters VSRF - Episode 26a
Japanese Name 静かなる超熱戦っ!時間停止vs永久機関!
Air date September 25th, 2016
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Silent and Heated Battle! Time Stop vs Eternal Machine! is the 26th episode of the Versus Revolution Final season of the Duel Masters Anime.



Major Events

  • Lucifer vs Number 2's battle was continuing with their four shields.
  • Oh, OH MY GOD! Number 2's trump card 'Forbidden Machine VV-8' has been appeared and won Lucifer, also took away his Miradante to powerup the Forbidden Star, This is just the most hot ending that lot of normal people HAD EVER SEEN!!!


  • The very first appearance of VV-8, Forbidden Machine and Wild Speed, D2W.
  • For Number 2 winning, Lucifer fainted and Katta, Lulu, Team Hamukatsu and others had tended him and Number 2 teleported with Miradante and fed the Forbidden Star.
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