Forbidden Liberate!? Dogiragon Targeted!
Versus Revolution Final, Episode 7
Duel Masters VSRF - Episode 7
Japanese Name 禁断解放っ!?狙われたドギラゴン!
Air date May 15, 2016
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Forbidden Liberate!? Dogiragon Targeted! is the 7th episode of the Versus Revolution Final season of the Duel Masters Anime.


バサラは『禁断』の力持ったD2フィールドカードを操り勝太に襲い掛かる。 勝太は『燃える革命ドギラゴン』で必死に抵抗するも、バサラのD2フィールドに隠された新たな能力でドキンダムXが解放され、絶体絶命のピンチに・・・!? 『禁断』の更なる力に勝太は為すすべなく敗れるのか・・・! そしてバサラが勝太を狙う本当の目的とは・・・!?

Major Events

  • Katta and Team Hamukatsu lost against Basara and Dokindam X.
  • Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution was taken away and its spirit was fighting Dokindam X, unlike the other card spirits who were completely absorbed by Dokindam X.
  • Bosskatsu assures to Katta that they will get Dogiragon's spirit back, with the last member coming his way.
  • The last member of Team Hamukatsu, Katsuemon makes his appearance with a new card, though he fainted from exhaustion during his travels and picked up by Duemouse.

Weekly Cards

VSRF07 Card Combo

Episode 7 Card Combo

Episode Notes

  • Dogiragon was able to resist Dokindam X proves that the spirit was quite resistant.
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