Triggered Invasion! Red Zone Duel!?
Duel Masters Versus Revolution, Episode 3
Duel Masters Versus Revolution - Episode 3
Japanese Name 侵略発動っ!レッドゾーンデュエルっ!?
Air date 19th April 2015
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Missing Bucyake! The Mystery of Duel Masters Land!?
Secret of Duel Masters Land!!

Triggered Invasion! Red Zone Duel!? is the 3rd episode of the Duel Masters Versus Revolution season of the Duel Masters Anime.


When looking for Bucyake, Katta was suddenly kidnapped by a mysterious man on bike and he claims that he can defeat Katta in 3 turns! When Katta loses, he will be dropped into the underground city! What is the mystery of this...

Key Events

  • First appearance of Basara in the anime.
  • Katta is defeated for the first time in VSR and is dropped into the underground city.


  • First appearance of Redzone, Roaring Invasion.
  • This follows a trend where Katta is defeated in the third episode. This time, he was defeated by Basara.
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