Missing Bucyake! The Mystery of Duel Masters Land!?
Duel Masters Versus Revolution, Episode 2
Duel Masters Versus Revolution - Episode 2
Japanese Name 消えたぶっちゃけっ!デュエマーランドの謎っ!?
Air date April 12th, 2015
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Opening! Duel Masters Land Hopes and Dreams!!
Triggered Invasion! Red Zone Duel!?

Missing Bucyake! The Mystery of Duel Masters Land!? is the 2nd episode of the Duel Masters Versus Revolution season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Katta's mood was raised after defeating Duemouse. However, after leaving the park, Bucyake was not seen. To get a hint on finding Bucyake, Katta and his team attempts to infiltrate Duel Masters Land in the night. Waiting for Katta is hungry beast duelist Kojiro!? The mystery deepens on Bucyake's disappearance and the duel at night on Duel Masters Land starts!!

Key Events

  • Katta defeats Kojiro who was working as an employee in Duel Masters Land.


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