Hungry as a Wolf! Kojiro Appears!!
Duel Masters Versus, Episode 4
Duel Masters Versus - Episode 4
Japanese Name 飢えた狼っ! コジローあらわるっ!!
Air date April 26th, 2014
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Opening! Duel Masters Neighborhood Tournament!!

Hungry as a Wolf! Kojiro Appears!! is the 4th episode in the Duel Masters Versus season of the Duel Masters Anime.


かつての仲間、ぶっちゃけを新たなるデュエマの世界に引き込んだ勝太! 心機一転デュエマに燃えるも、やはりべんちゃんの操るドラゴンサーガの真髄・「龍解」が心から離れない――公園で物思いにふける勝太の前に現れたのは、腹を空かせた3兄弟! 彼らは勝太に「公園のパンダを受け渡せ!」と迫る! この街で一番牛丼のおいしい匂いが嗅げるその場所を巡って争う中に現れたのは、獣の目を持つ飢えた狼、コジロー! 一触即発、ハングリーな狼相手にどう立ち向かう、勝太!!!

With his friend Bucyake entering the world of Duel Masters, Katta started to turn a new leaf and practice the Dragsolution that Benchan demonstrated. However, as he entered the park, three hungry brothers appeared and forced him to become "The panda of the park". Then as he was patrolling the park, Kojiro appeared as he smelled the smell of a beef bowl. Katta must now duel him.

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