Draw of Anger! Katta vs Gyou
Duel Masters Versus, Episode 42
Duel Masters Versus - Episode 42
Japanese Name 怒りのドローっ! 勝太 vs ギョウっ!!
Air date February 7th, 2015
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Draw of Anger! Katta vs Gyou!! is the 42nd episode in the Duel Masters Versus season of the Duel Masters Anime.



ホカベンがギョウに痛めつけられ敗れて以来、勝太のデュエ魂はこれまで以上にアツくハゲしく燃えていたっ!! 親友ホカベン!そして最大のライバル・ルシファーの仇をとることはできるのかっ!?そしてギョウの本気モードの実力や如何にっ!?男のプライド全てをかけて、勝太がカードを引くっ!!

Major Events

  • Katta defeats Gyou, proceeding to the finals.
  • Shobu personally watches the match, but got spotted by Kojiro. He later on knocks down Benny Haha, ending his and Gyou's villainous plans...for now.


  • Shobu was able to personally watch the match despite the risk of being recognized by a large number of duelists and enthusiast watching the match. This might mean that most of the duelists population might have not recognize or forgotten him (likely due to his age change and his seemingly last duel have taken place more than 10 years ago). However, Kojiro was surprised to see him, the cause likely to be Shobu's appearance being similar to Katta or him knowing about the duelists of the past generation.
  • The setting and duel in this episode mirrors episode 19 of Duel Masters Charge season of the anime.
    • Both Hakuoh and Lucifer were sent to the hospital for immediate treatment. Coincidentally both are Light Civilization duelists and both of their condition was mainly caused by Benny Haha.
    • Katta uses Lucifer's card to defeat Gyou is similar to Shobu using Hakuoh's card to help him in defeat Benny Haha. Both scenarios occurs in a major national tournament.
    • When Katta was in a pinch, Lucifer's soul appearing in front of Katta to point out MaltNEXT's other ability is similar to Hakuoh's soul guiding Shobu into revealing the last shield as a shield trigger.
    • When Katta and Shobu won in the duel, their opponent's bad deeds was exposed by the audience.
    • Benny Haha was punished for the bad deeds he have done in the end; Yumama throwing him into a dungeon for his failure in Charge, Shobu knocks him down after the tournament to end his plans in Versus.
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